Sunday, March 27, 2016

Down the Unsightseeing One-Lane Unraveling Etcetera

Hillaryian Colleague: Hahaha, Ted Cruz's infidelities, totally disqualifying! He should drop out!
Me: > Affectless stare <
Hillaryian Colleague: Fuck you. It's different w Bill, we never made fidelity a theological cornerstone of his political philosophy.
Me: > Affectless stare <
Hillaryian Colleague: Fuck you.

  • I thought I'd ask my Hillaryite Colleague whether the arrow in Clinton's incredibly amateurish (and FedEx ripoff) new logo is a once-in-a-lifetime moment of honesty as she indicates the direction she'd lead the country, but fuck that.
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  • Psst - Infinite Jest is WORKING! This is third read, best read yet.
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Franz Wright

Once upon the eternally recurring dark before the dawn, flashing it's green neon NO VACANCY sign repeatedly down the unsightseeing one-lane unraveling etcetera highway. Forever. Can Tuscon be far behind? Milewide highway of crushed emerald polished to adamantine coolness, noontime and moontime, one unmoving cloud in its depths, continuing straight ahead toward the line where the blue abyss of Arizona falls away (just trying to think positive). Then you suddenly woke at the wheel, took the next exit, stood at my door, and not a moment too soon. I am sick of being chained to this chair and told what to write, much of it outrageous lies! Once, I feel sure of it, when death had no vacancy you came and stayed with me. Or did I come and stay with you, the last word long set down, unfinished? Through.