Sunday, March 13, 2016

Drop It In the Amnesty Bin

  • ___________________________________________________!
  • Which is to say I feel a need to post a biography of this blog to explain my inability to enjoy the current clusterfuck, or rather, to position and justify my despondency as a culmination rather than a withdrawal.
  • I should be enjoying this more because this is the best episode of Potus in my political lifetime.
  • Don't worry, no blogography is forthcoming. I don't do it for me.
  • Even hating on the frightening sociopath that is Hillary Clinton isn't nearly as much fun as once.
  • "One no longer asks what is real and unreal, appearance and reality, instead we ask ourselves within which circuit am I trapped, for whom do I serve?"
  • The geography of Trumpism.
  • Reminder: motherfucking Barack Obama and especially super-motherfucker Bill Clinton both advanced and supported economic policies that worsened the lives of the people of Trump Counties.
  • Reminder: the oligarchs STILL portray the anger as social and racial, not economic. But you know this.
  • Imagine what happens if Donald Trump IS assassinated today at a rally.
  • From 1994 (and via): why fascism is the wave of the future.
  • After Chicago.
  • Reminder: Democrats.
  • Crispy could use your research/support.
  • Crispy has been of invaluable help teaching me how to mock me re: the history of me from reflexive Democratic Party tool to despondent tool of nothing, which I should be enjoying more.
  • Not enjoying more because of course I am a tool of something: my privilege, as yet not threatened.
  • Good thing I have access to a university library's stacks.
  • Fender and shadow.
  • Someone is posting at Richard's joint.
  • I knew I'd seen the name Hilton Als before.
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links.
  • Placa/Rollcall.
  • Poetry not poetry.


Caroline Bird

I surrender my weapons:
Catapult Tears, Rain-Cloud Hat,
Lip Zip, Brittle Coat, Taut Teeth
in guarded rows. Pluck this plate
of armor from my ear, drop
it in the Amnesty Bin,
watch my sadness land among
the dark shapes of memory.

Unarmed, now see me saunter
past Ticking Baggage, Loaded
Questions, Gangs of Doubt; my love
equips me. I swear, ever
since your cheeky face span round
I trust this whole bloody world.


  1. Well -- while they're putting up "Welcome To 1932!" posters, and while we may already be lost in a false realm, locked in a time-loop we were forced into by agencies outside our control; and 'history' is only one long repetition, a staged affair, and an illusion -- we have kitties. Just sayin'.

  2. a republican 'analyst' on tv today said that bernie sanders will be the democratic nominee -
    'whether wearing a man's suit or a pants suit'

    it was explained that what was meant was that hillary is now parroting bernie's talking points - he has won the battle of ideas - and that a saturday night live tv piece pivoted on this

    there are some who think that the more she says such things, the more likely it is that she may actually do a few of them

    it's hard to make predictions, especially about the future

    on the other hand, it's easy to say that those are a couple of good-looking cats in an interestingly composed photo

    as krishna says in the gita, people have both divine and demonic tendencies