Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Four Important Discoveries on Super Tuesday!

This. ▲ New!

Also too, I've started another reread of Infinite Jest - all the noise about it's 20th birthday reminded me it's been almost six years since the last. I pick up Planet this afternoon at Friendship, the cinderblock in my backpack. I thought, wonder if Infinite Jest is available in iBooks (I'd rather than give Amazon, rank your oligarchs), it is available, I could read Infinite Jest on my iPhone rather than carry the cinderblock through the airport. I'd carry Infinite Jest in my pocket everywhere. Reading Infinite Jest in bed'd be easier. Quick hits at work sneakier. The footnotes are an issue - back and forth between text and endnotes must suck ebookwise (did DFW deliberately choose endnotes over footnotes cause footnotes would have made it fuck all easier). So I didn't, adherence to rituals of religions I've abandoned. Fuck me and fuck the fuck me.

Speaking of fuck me and fuck the fuck me, woke up this morning potus damnless. Dang. It won't last. Fuck me, fuck the fuck me, fuck the fuck the fuck me.

Also too, ▼  new Deerhoof reminds me I need dig out my out Deerhoof:


  1. in reverse chronological order

    1)i just now i enjoyed watching the bitchin bajas & bonnie prince billie video - i played it without sound due to current circumstances not further specified - i may play it again with the sound turned on on some later occasion - the visual effects made the dancer look like a multi-armed hindu goddess

    2)speaking of/with hindus - this morning on npr they were busy broadcasting an obituary for bernie's campaign but they gave a couple of sentences to hawaii congresswoman and combat veteran tulsi gabbard who pointed out that

    a)only fifteen states had participated in the primary/caucus process so far and that fully thirty-five had not yet had their chance

    b)she had endorsed bernie instead of hillary because of hillary's record of support for unnecessary mass murder

    3)speaking of/with rep. tulsi gabbard (whose given name and religious preference are hindu, but derived from her anglo mother - her father, who is of samoan and european descent, is a catholic)

    last night on msnbc disgraced and now rehabilitated tv personality brian williams asked tulsi about her disloyalty to hillary and and resignation from the vice-chairmanship of the democratic national committee, which will certainly have negative consequences for her during hillary's expected reign

    tulsi said that MANY had pointed this out to her, but she thought the issue was of such importance that she had to prioritize the good of all despite the partisan consequences to her, whatever they may be

    3)on this or a similar cable news channel someone had pointed out that bernie's victory in the minnesota primary was noteworthy because the state party officials had endorsed and worked for hillary

    4)early last evening bernie spoke to his supporters in vermont and promised to keep carrying his campaign to all fifty states - after he spoke i kicked in another credit card contribution

    5)on april 9, 2009, i posted the following at my eponymous blog:

    No one knows what will happen next - but I was impressed by something William Black (author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One) said in his April 3, 2009 interview with Bill Moyers.

    There's a saying that we [who were working on the Savings and Loan crisis] took great comfort in. It's actually by the Dutch, who were fighting this impossible war for independence against what was then the most powerful nation in the world, Spain. And their motto was, "It is not necessary to hope in order to persevere."