Thursday, April 21, 2016

Death in Egoslavia

▲ RIP Richard Lyons

▼ RIP Prince ▼


  1. 1) in recent months i have several times returned to view the "while my guitar gently weeps" done at the rock and roll hall of fame, which finishes with a guitar solo by prince - at the end he tosses his instrument into the air - fine metaphors abound

    2)after seeing the movie 'purple rain' i went home and wrote a country and western song

    reconstructing the verses is taking me a bit of time, but the chorus was

    There's always a clear sky
    If you fly high enough
    Out in space the stars are always there
    Down on the ground it might be
    Hard and painful, sad and tough
    But we carry on and find someone to care

    3)THIS is the future - you got to LIVE it or live WITH it -
    and, and at a time not yet specified, get out of the way