Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Of Course the Qualifying Adjective *Nation* Does Exercise an Otherwise Uneventful Noun


C.D. Wright

I love the nouns of a time in a place, where a sack once was a poke and native skag was junk glass not junk and junk was just junk not smack and smack entailed eating with your mouth open, and an Egyptian one-eye was an egg, sunny-side up, and a nation sack was a flannel amulet, worn only by women, to be touched only by women, especially around Memphis. Red sacks for love an green for money. Of course the qualifying adjective nation does exercise an otherwise uneventful noun.


  1. your links - both in the text of the post and along the side - are great

    and speaking of things that i regard as great, the following just came to my attention this morning - a crosby, stills & nash cover of steve winwood's "dear mr fantasy" - it wouldn't suit everyone, of course

  2. re "nation sack" - i found an article that seemed plausible to me that argued the term actually arose from "naycha sack" i.e. "nature sack" - "nature" being used to mean sexual vigor - the nature sack being used in a magical way ("hoodoo" or "conjuring") by the woman to control her man


  3. I'm sure Bernie Sanders will endorse Clinton when/if she wins the nomination (or is handed it by the collection of lobbyists and whores known as "super delegates"). He said he would from the get-go.

    But he hasn't run a "stalking horse" campaign, he's fought really well. And that's a good thing.

    The hypocrisy is out in the open.