Saturday, April 9, 2016

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Certified *Futile Weekend Blogging* and *Lazyass Weekend Blogging* in *Dead Blegsylvania.*

I have not rhapsodized my love of beloved Noxzema Bottle Blue since, well, since this shitty blog was Noxzema Bottle Blue for years years ago. Have I ever mentioned my favorite color is Noxzema Bottle Blue? Was digging through a box last night, found the above, given to me back when Earthgirl and Planet gave me Noxzema Bottle Blue bottles for birthdays and Giftmases. Something inside rattled. What is it?

Extrapolate out. Fuck me. (I thought about extending these photos outside the blog's margins for Blog in My Beloved Noxzema Bottle Blue's sake, but instead, here's David Foster Wallace, on page 382 of Infinite Jest (which, in this, my 3rd reading, is slaying me, motherfucking slaying me), written in 1996, predicting the rise of Donald Trump.


  1. You want Noxzema blue? Here you go:

    1. You have anything to do with it? I like it - is in Milwaukee?

      Hey, ticker OK?

  2. Referring back to a point about writers like Wallace you made earlier: Plugged in to the PKD-Barth-Pynchon grid. I go back to 'Giles Goat-Boy' this week.