Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Scarcely Thinning Where the Light Is Kind

  • Fleabus' ear ▲ from this past weekend. 
  • What did we learn yesterday?
  • Do you think Ted Cruz actually believed he could be elected POTUS?
  • The single best commentary on Ted Cruz quitting.
  • You're laughing at Ted Cruz today, just wait until he's Donald Trump's Attorney General after Cruz brings home his base in November. I bet feelers from both sides being extended as you read this.
  • Now that Trump is nominee, watch for some of the NEVER SCOTUS VOTE BEFORE ELECTION asshats to float balloons on LET'S CONFIRM OBAMA'S PRO-CORPORATE MODERATE REPUBLICAN SCOTUS CHOICE! in three, two, one.....
  • As if Hillary Clinton would not nominate a pro-Corporate moderate Republican for SCOTUS.
  • Roads, woods, divergence.
  • Consequences of a lack of a labor party.
  • All the king's men.
  • London's Kleptocracy Tours.
  • yet we are dogs nevertheless....
  • The Law of the Schoolyard.
  • This fucking guy. I could have hit him crossing Wisconsin Ave in Friendship Heights last week. Oh, the people over 26 years of driving down Wisconsin to Georgetown five days a week I could have rundown, many of them multiple times, including that fucking guy.

  • A reminder via Jim's comment to yesterday's post: the DG in BLCKDGRD is for dog. Our oldest cats could but don't deserve to need endure a dog. I'm not sure all the ferals would stay and share our yard with a dog. We will have dogs in the future. I am a cat person first - I am a dog person too. Mostly though, I've been called and called myself dog for decades. People can vouch.
  • Dan reviews DeLillo's new Zero K. I have attempted, in the past three months, White Noise, Ratner's Star, Players, and Underworld, fascinated by how abjectly I failed them. DeLillo never sang to me, but at least once upon a time he quacked. Once upon a time I felt a moral obligation to read each new DeLillo - I got past that after Underworld.
  • The colors of European football (h/t SeatSix).
  • Garden of smurfly delights.
  • Garden of earthly delights.
  • Bonnie Prince Billy.
  • So, Broadcast came on in my ear last night, stayed there through right.... now.
  • Due to NOT MY FAULT THIS TIME! (and it is, 99.94% of the time, my fault, the last minute wrecking of days-earlier planned events) we had to postpone Hamster's birthday dinner until Thursday so I've two more days with his birthday present, see Kees poem below.


Weldon Kees

Poison is in the wood. The sap
Runs thin, the bark sheds off. We scaled
The tallest pine and found it rotting at the top.

And yet the lower leaves are green,
Or almost green, and scarcely thinning
Where the light is kind. Who sealed

Those veins and faked that color could
Shrivel the world's enormous skin
And make it burn and glow

Like all the lights of Europe. So
It burns and burns. The sap runs thin.
And here we build, and gather, and are fed.

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  1. George is what Mr Rogers would've been like if he'd joined the SS.