Thursday, May 26, 2016

Be Kind, Motherfuckers

Hey, below the fold, a few links I'd collected, I'll not have chance to post while they're fresh, I hate to throw them out - no music, no poem though....

  • Hillary warns nation: don't fuck this up for me.
  • What I'm really saying, I said to my avid Hillaryite Colleague, is not that that Trump is going to win, I saying if there is one human on the planet that could (and should) lose to Trump, it's Hillary. So you do think Hillary is going to win, said my avid Hillaryite Colleague.
  • Karl Polanyi for POTUS: The vast majority of Sanders’s supporters are not Marxists clamoring for a dictatorship of the proletariat or the nationalization of industry. Most are, probably without knowing it, secret followers of Karl Polanyi. Polanyi’s classic, The Great Transformation, was published in 1944—the same year that FDR promised a “Second Bill of Rights” guaranteeing employment, housing, social security, medical care, and education to all Americans. Today, Polanyian arguments are once again in the air. Since his ideas seem to be everywhere but he is rarely mentioned, a (re-)introduction to his thinking, and its relevance to politics in 2016, is in order.
  • The violence of othering in a warming world.
  • Were blogs better then? No, Stringtown Blegsylvania was busier then, and the vitriol was aimed out at the rival high school rather than at ourselves after our tribal apostasies, but Twitter built a bypass around Stringtown so it would be slowly dying anyway.
  • In defense of personal attacks.
  • Wittgenstein's Handles.
  • The utility of formalism.
  • Robert Duncan.
  • Stevie Smith.
  • Stevie Smith, or: what you can buy me for my birthday late August.
  • I had not heard of Ann Quin until just now.