Tuesday, June 21, 2016

You Find Your Stake Yanked and Some Rough Bunch to Thank

A Hillaryite Colleague (one of two and distinct from my Hillaryite Friend) wanted to be sure I knew that Sanders' Secret Service detail is costing taxpayers $38K per day, what a motherfucking egotist. I've explained before to this Hillaryite Colleague that a person can simultaneously not be pro-Sanders and still be rabidly anti-Clinton. I said, how do you think that piece in the Post got published when it was published? Do you think the journalist thought, Hey, Sanders' Secret Service detail, the motherfucking egotist is scamming me, the American taxpayer, and journalist went and sold the angle to his editor and shazam, front page clickbait? A story that had for its punchline a lifelong Clinton henchman saying something like, Yeah, those amenities that come with running for President, sometimes it's hard for motherfucking egotists to give them up. A story which is certified bullshit? HC said, are you saying Clinton ordered the story, wrote the story? I said, I'm saying the Clinton Syndicate's fucking petty and assholishly ruthless in offing perceived enemies from the left - please, don't Warren me - is meat-grinder famous, and this story is nothing if not fucking petty and assholishly ruthless, it has their bloody fingerprints all over it. They hope you know. They want you to know. Hillaryites know - and approve, look at the tweets! And more than that, Clinton's bosses want you to know. HC said, the fuck? I do wonder, I said, why Clinton picked today to order Trump to fire Lewandowski. HC said, fucking Bernie Bros.

  • Lalo Schifrin, composer of Mannix theme, born 84 years ago today. Bernie Kopell ▲ , creator of Siegfried, my digital avatar forever, born 83 years ago today. He was also Jerry in That Girl.
  • Standard line about me, 1965, I'm six, TV toggled from B/W to color, the good created, the damage done.
  • Belief and family.
  • We buried the disgraceful truth. On continual war.
  • Mob shaming.
  • On social sadism.

  • In praise of hateWe, those of us broadly on the progressive side of this argument, shouldn't be so quick to disown all that. It is as impossible to conceive of justice without punishment as it is perverse sexuality (most sexuality) without that idea lurking somewhere. Justice requires sanction. And the idea of a pristine, bloodless ritual of punishment, safeguarded by a division of functions, is a modern illusion. Its result is ironically that we punish more, with less satisfaction: we always feel short-changed. To disavow our aggressive impulses, our desire to punish, our rage, is to engage in a dubious operation of externalisation. There are at least two ways in which we can externalise 'evil' in this sense. We can, as Fanon suggested, project our aggression onto a racial Other, finding in them all that is bestial and barbaric in our own behaviour and desires. That is Farage and the faraginous hordes behind him. Or, we can project it onto those who we believe to be the racist hordes (whether they are or not doesn't necessarily affect the degree of projection).
  • This is your illusion of freedom.
  • Massive fart-in.
  • No one knows what will happen.
  • The thing about bombing Syria.
  • On translations and prizes.
  • Two obituaries.
  • Six of us now for Pere Ubu this Friday at Rock & Roll Hotel on H! Join us! Songs today off playlist from their show two days ago in Louisville. Let me know if I can buy you a ticket.


Kay Ryan

There is a
distance where
magnets pull,
we feel, having
held them   
back. Likewise
there is a
distance where
words attract.
Set one out
like a bait goat   
and wait and   
seven others
will approach.
But watch out:
roving packs can
pull your word
away. You   
find your stake   
yanked and some   
rough bunch
to thank.


  1. Hey — Tried to email, but no luck.

    It’s drip.. I don’t know how firm your plans are but the absolute beauty of Penobscot Bay is completely visible from Deer Isle. I’m not much of a hiker, but you can find great trails there. From Stonington you can can get to Isle au Haut whence Linda Greenlaw (Perfect Storm and many other books) still fishes commercially. There is Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, If that’s you’re thing.

    The Maine Coast is tricky because of the distances off Route 1 make getting from place to place take longer than you can expect. But looking for pleasure on the Maine Coast you cannot make a mistake

    I stay near the village of Deer Isle during August but my people are from there and I visit my aunt in Columbia Falls. way Down East. Definitely think about getting blueberries just before you head back. At that time of year you’ll be able to buy 5 quarts for nothing.

    Don’t eat lobster rolls, eat crab rolls. And Gifford’s Ice Cream (no relation) is excellent.

    If ya’ll want to meet up, LMK. Calling will work better for me if plans are in order. There is not much cell/internet service up there, so: a) call soon if you’re interested, and b) you won’t have to resist temptation. It’s all good. Always

    1. Thanks! We're gonna be at Acadia - I'm not sure where your places are in relation, but will look into it.

      Even if we don't meet up there - which is not me saying we won't - you're in Charm City, yes? Gonna be up there a lot next two years.

      blckdgrd (at) gmail (dot) com doesn't work, try disc19720 (at) gmail (dot) com That's the one I use for paying bills and shit. (It's my old PDGA member number back when I played tournaments before deciding fuck that.)

  2. I hate it, said my wife as I left for work; you have left the toilet seat up for the last twenty-eight years and I hate it and I dreamed of bludgeoning you but don't take it personally. I hate it when she's like that. I hated my commute to work, as I always do. There were smells and Kiddies with music on the subway and two people talking behind me (which I hate), and one said Don'cha hate that? and her friend said Yeth I hate that too. At work I hate my job. I hate my narcissistic bully of a manager who says,Know what I hate? I hate it when you complain that you're overworked and we're not hiring anyone else, you oughta be real grateful you got a job so just suck it up. Lunch is food I hate because I can't eat foods I used to eat, and I hate watching others eat whatever they want. My narcissistic bully of a manager sees this and laugh and laugh. I leave and hate mass transit with smells and Kiddies and lispers so I take a cab and hate the driver because he missed all the light changes on purpose. I hate getting home late.

    So how was your day, my wife asks and I say oh the usual and she makes a sardonic grin, which I don't mind, and then she bumps me with her hip as if saying I'm on to you, boyo, and then we find another language for things and gradually, almost against the will of the impassive Universe, the moments begin to get better.

    1. I know. I'm working on it. Yesterday was a good day.

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