Friday, July 29, 2016

Every Space Contains More Space Than the Space It Contains

The traditional High Egoslavian Holy Day post:

William Gass is ninety-two tomorrow. I give him a day early because of who else has a birthday tomorrow. This is the every-year William Gass birthday post excerpt: from The Tunnel:
The other large carton unpacked in the same way - box into box - but the feeling it gave me was the opposite of that suggested by the endless nest of Russians dollies it otherwise resembled, for what I was opening was a den of spaces which now covered the floor near my feet. It was plain that every ten-by-ten-by eight container contained cubes which were nine by nine by seven, and eight by eight by six, and seven by seven by five, and so on down to three by three by two, as well as many smaller, thinly sided one at every interval in between, so that out of one box a million more might multiply, confirming Zeno's view, although at that age, with an unfurnished mind, I couldn't have known of his paradoxes let alone have been able to describe one with any succinctness. What I had discovered is that every space contains more space than the space it contains.

Like I said the past many years, that passage reminds me of a what I was trying to get at (much less successfully than Gass) with automocoblogography.

  • For lots more Gass, eat at Ed's.
  • Please shut up about Trump and treason.
  • Though Melville's birthday is imminent, I am not going to take my ninth trip on The Pequod while on vacation. I don't want to jinx the plan, but when I finish Karamozov (Zosima's corpse stinks! The story pivots to Mitya who is frantic and nuts, Grushenka has flown!) I'm gonna read.... something from this century.
  • I thought I was too old to enjoy Dostoevsky again, but.
  • Though Ashbery's birthday was yesterday and I'd planned to reread the first books up to April Galleons on vacation, but no, I've read enough the past two weeks, my jones are soothed. I don't want to jinx the plan, but I've ____ in the backpack
  • Dropping the ball.

  • Dissent will not be tolerated. Motherfucking Democrats.
  • Someone - I don't want credit for this - tweeted out last night the observation of the absence of discussion at the Democratic convention about the importance of SCOTUS in this POTUS, and that *is* strange the Democrats would deliberately not flog that horse.
  • Night of the Hollow Men.
  • I said to a Hillary Colleague, have you considered whether long-term it best Trump win now and Democrats take back Senate and House and win back majorities in senates and houses of state legislatures in the 2018 midterms? HC says, then Hillary could run in 2020 in a rematch! Wasn't where I was going, but there's no point going where I was going with people who won't go there.
  • The Ideology of Isolation.
  • Guess whose CDs I loaded into the iPod last night for our drives around Maine the next two weeks.


  1. i have been a hillary hater, regarding her as devious and deceitful

    - but after watching the last night of the convention i finally had an instant karma moment - i recognized her as my sister and realized that i could trust her - trust her to do her best, according her own lights

    - while still knowing that i cannot trust her to do what i think would be best, or to tell the truth, or to refrain from what i would consider to be unnecessary mass murder, or in any way to dissent from the consensus of the military-industrial-congressional-financial-corporate media complex -

    may the creative forces of the universe have mercy on our souls, if any

  2. Tomorrow is today for me already.

  3. Melville said (per the Gugglemachinen) "A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles", but I'd go with the number of miles you travel with friends, too. Enjoy.