Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Line 78: You Think About Repetition

This is true: the past seven nights the same dream wakes me. A man (not me) drives to an empty cul-de-sac and parks, gets out of car, lets dog (not me) out of car, takes ball out of trunk. The dog jumps and barks in joy. The man takes a tennis racket and whacks the ball into the open field, the dog chases. The man gets in car, drives off. The dog tracks the ball, finds it, barks in joy, brings it back to where car was, drops ball....


  1. Yes; we Dogs are suckers for the old "Fetch While We Drive Away / Rig The System / Lie To You About Invading ___ / Place You Under Illegal Surveillance / Sell You Dog Food Made Out Of Radioactive Squid / Piss On You And Say, 'Good Boy' ".

    1. I did think of the political metaphors but that's not why the dream comes back. Nothing can throw me harder and faster and deeper into Dark than human cruelty to animals, especially animals that trusts the human that's cruel to it. There was an asshole down the street seven-eight years ago who choked her dog while screaming at it on walks, and dog would look at human and plead for mercy, wag tail at lowered tone of voice. I...

      Human on human cruelty can make me pretty fucking dark, but not Dark. I was taught this is backwards, which doesn't help the Dark.

    2. I came up with a very detailed interpretation of this dream. Glad I didn't post it.

    3. I'm certain yours is as good as mine, though something two weeks ago reminded me of that scene I saw in a TV show or movie or something.... and of course it doesn't mean anything or any one thing....

      Shit gets caught in the loop and replays and replays. Flossing rarely helps.

  2. Have very similar feelings regarding people mistreating animals. Or children (and somehow, bizarre as it sounds, I think the two are connected). It's watching a person do something to a feeling being, who can't respond in language (or can't adequately fight back). An observation from another job life: Cops do lots of things, but they will go irretrievably, utterly batshit crazy seeing a child or animal mistreated or threatened.