Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Triplets Ordered Triple Scoops and the Twins Double

  • Olive pretending to not pay attention to me.
  • A Hillaryite Colleague tried the Sure the Clintons are corrupt but they're not uniquely corrupt maneuver on me yesterday and received the appropriate response in Fuckyouese: I let it go and politely excused myself to get to a meeting (which was true, but I would have faked it if necessary). I have been thinking on my anti-Clinton fury, I said to my Hillaryite Friend later yesterday. It's numbed since back from vacation. At first I thought it was work, but then this week I've been hearing the sure the Clintons are shitty but they're not any shittier than any shitty politician argument in defense of the Clintons shittiness, and this argument has always turned my hate up, but. I hope, said HF, you're just in the post-convention, pre-Labor Day lull too, which is why HF's my friend as well as a colleague.
  • A defense of Hillary Clinton by a friend. O, and he saw X last night.
  • By the way, I said to HF, Trump's new strategy of shutting the fuck up and let bad Clinton news dominate a news cycle or two is brilliant and probably not bound to last past soon.
  • Clinton's run-out-the-clock strategy.
  • As I type this sentence Donald Trump is about to hold a rally in the Clinton stronghold of Mississippi w warm-up act Nigel Farage. I should be enjoying this more.
  • The Theater of Trump.
  • Racism, pure and simple.
  • It's also that a very old very dear family friend on Earthgirl's side who has been nothing but gracious and generous and Kind to us is now a poster child for aggrieved angry white male with a persecution complex (down to denying climate change) and the fuck? he's fucking nuts and this is no fun.
  • Ted Cruz is still running for president.
  • Learning from failure: a modest introduction.

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  1. Thanks for posting Mr. Alarum's band's music. Quite tasty! I still check out the South Philly Writing Club, too, though it has been a while since something new was posted.