Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Two Takeaways from Trump/Clinton Debate + Today's Theme Song

Richard sent me this photo yesterday afternoon. That's a hat Earthgirl knit for Richard and Aimee's new son Malcolm last Fall. Richard had sent me a photo of Malcolm in the hat last Winter to show Earthgirl the hat was being used but the hat's ears could not be seen in the photo. Earthgirl considers the ears the most important part of the hat. Hard to argue. This past June, while walking through Union Station to H St on the way to Rock & Roll Hotel to see Pere Ubu, Earthgirl besieged Richard: Why did you all cut off the ears? Richard said, Huh? Yesterday, digging out Malcolm's Fall and Winter clothes, he found the hat, remembered, photoed, sent. Earthgirl laughed.

UPDATE! Yes, I did notice, and bless Serendipity: the colors of the hat above, the colors of the Rothko below, echo; Earthgirl knitting a hat the color of a Rothko, Earthgirl who is dismayed I sit and stare at Rothko's, bless - bless bless bless - Serendipity. I laughed.

The other big issue to come out of yesterday's Trump/Clinton debate:

 I've mentioned this before, Herbert, but I've got Dr Sevrin ears. Did it work?

Sinus infection aching, cleaning my ears with Q-Tips (warning on box: Don't Put Q-Tip in Ear) made earache worse, shoved wax up the canal. Deafness. Go to doctor today, she takes one look, gets her assistant to get the giant turkey-baster to flush out the goo. Swoosh and gurgle, out comes a ball of wax the size of a cat's eye marble. I can hear! Old bald white Eastern European men with hairy ears and the eyebrows of owls, says the technician, produce the most ear wax. Mudslides of the stuff. Hard to argue.

Today's (earworm) Theme Song:


  1. ... and you live in Eary, Pennsylvania, correct? (Sorry; that was one stupid homonym I just had to swing at.)

  2. Boundless serendipity confuses and frightens me, but good behavior demands reward. I must violate my sworn vow and address your hairy ears and Earthgirl's disdain for Rothko (WTF?).
    So, hello dogma-N's hairy ears. Hello, Earthgirl's disdain for Rothko. WTF?

  3. Yes. I keep a bulb around for swimmer's ear—scuba, triathlons, weekly swimming. Learned long ago how easy it is to impact wax in the 'Earie' canal. (ha ha Mongo!). Three things: Hydrogen peroxide softens it, so first pour some in and tilt until the bubbling stops. Sometimes repeat. Then flush with WARM water in bulb. Also, a solution of rubbing alcohol and water helps in drying. Murine, I think, makes a swimmer's ear packet which contains all the above (the H2O2 is mixed with the alcohol). Regular maintenance is key, esp. during change of seasons. Best, as always! (and haha Landru, this is for you too)