Saturday, October 8, 2016

When I Think of the Dead It Means *They're Thinking of Me*

  • Breaking: Donald Trump is a sexist clown. Who knew?
  • Breaking: Hillary Clinton is a Wall Street tool. Who knew?
  • Upcoming Clinton final argument: Sure I'm a Wall Street tool, Donald is too, but he's an incompetent Wall Street tool - I'm a competent Wall Street tool - plus he's a sexist clown. Landslide.
  • Public and privates: The thing to remember is that partisans will dismiss any criticism of their candidate. Trump fans aren't going to be bothered by the latest video showing Trump to be a vilely sexist scumbag -- Oh please, is that news? Tell us something we didn't already know -- because they know what he's like and that's why they like him. So do his critics, but they enjoy clucking over his awfulness.  The same is true of Clinton, as it was of Obama
  • There is some small entertainment value in watching Villagers gasp as the tawdriness of it all. The pussy-grabbing, the Assange-leaking, I've vapors.
  • Meanwhile, Obama immunizes the EpiPen fuckers
  • Meanwhile - I've a link to the latest "illegal" Israeli settlement and US financial support for an apartheid regime committing slow genocide on Palestinians, but... I just got an email from a Hillaryite Colleague minutes ago re: Trump the Pussy-Grabber and the media's addiction to false equivalencies re: Trump's buffonery is being treated as equal to proof of Clinton's neoliberal credentials, it's not fair to HRC, and I can't make this shit up.
  • Creepy clown manifesto.

  • This is true: until I read the Post website just now I did not know the name of Chris Van Hollen's GOP opponent in open Senate race in my state. Szeliga! Landru, what was the name of the woman with like name in Trojan wolfpack?
  • Oh mama.
  • So I write Hillaryite Colleague back: It seems to me the pussy-grabbing is Trumping the Oligarchal tool news handily, news-cycle-wise, and what the fuck do you want from me? An argument on lesser-evilism?* Again? A debate on the ranking of evil quotient of each act of assholosity?
  • Then I deleted it. HC might have said yes to the argument. I'm going hiking in the rain.
  • *Reminder: lesser-evilism = the evil Oligarchs can enact up to the point of provoking the thralls to rebellion. It's a very old, time-tested, playbook.
  • Tick bites and meat allergies? Awesome. Go Gaia.
  • That now traditional October choking noise you hear is the Washington Nationals batters with runners in scoring position in a playoff game.
  • Don't dox.
  • Transparents: Gender at the Crossroads.
  • Nobel Odds. Ashbery, 100-1. Knausgaard 66-1. The fuck is wrong w people.
  • Art decade
  • The Mayflower and the Moon.


Marianne Boruch

When I think of the dead, it means
they’re thinking
of me, I delude myself happily, on occasion,
assuming the past

a thing to cherish like a face
surprised I bothered to come at all, given
the rain and the long drive.

But you were always let’s go anyway.

The commonest phrase: alive and well.
As if we jumped out of a hole
to stand here radiant.

In the no-name old tapestries, many
with halos, a glow or
a circle of jagged lines around each head
never bowed at the table, simply
looking straight on like a mirror gives us
back to ourselves.

If sometimes the women
in those lush hangings so plainly dressed,
their rims woven
deep and lit, turn sideways, the hills,
a blue distance involved — 

Out there. The one vanished, or just now
walking away — 


  1. People take this "election" far to seriously. Here's a recipe for the best veggie burger ever. I used to go to the Good Earth restaurant just to eat their veggie burger but they closed years ago but the other day I found the recipe on the clusternet:

  2. Prediction: Clinton and Trump don't gain enough electoral votes to claim victory, and The House Of Representatives chooses Paul Ryan as the next President

  3. Damn it, I meant far "too" seriously. When will I learn how to spell? When? I think we are fortunate that Bill will be masturbating in the Whitehouse once again. I'm sure I'd vote for somebody or other but I have to make my three bean salad, priorities you know.