Saturday, December 17, 2016

To Put the Poorly-Shot, Wounded Deer Down

  • Aleppo via Szymborska.
  • Roasty bleggicidesSo I titled this post “Rethinking My Purpose”, and I’ve been doing a lot of just that the last couple of weeks.  I keep starting posts about whatever piece of propaganda infuriates me that day, then I stop and ask myself “what’s the point?”.  What else can I be doing that this is taking time away from?  For me, I’ve realized, there are far more important and concrete things I can be doing with my time instead of being online. And for the first time in a long, long time I’m actually excited about my plans again.
  • Anti-democraticbecause the electoral college is ridiculous, you want to empower it extremely. because it is anti-democratic, you want to abrogate the democracy utterly. please think for a moment?
  • What the Hell is Wrong with America's Establishment Liberals? Whatever Russia did or didn’t do, the idea that its interference is what cost Hillary Clinton the election is utterly ludicrous and absolutely false. What cost Hillary Clinton the election can be summed up by a single line from Sen. Chuck Schumer, soon to be the country’s highest-ranking Democrat: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.” As it turned out, he was fatally wrong. It wasn’t the Russians who told the Democratic Party to abandon the working-class people of all races who used to form its electoral base. It wasn’t the Russians who decided to run a presidential campaign that offered people nothing but blackmail—“vote for us or Dangerous Donald wins.” The Russians didn’t come up with awful tin-eared catchphrases like “I’m with her” or “America is already great.” The Russians never ordered the DNC to run one of the most widely despised people in the country, simply because she thought it was her turn. The Democrats did that all by themselves.
  • Lordy, Democrats justifiably pissed at NC GOP for subverting voters' will while simultaneously encouraging Obama and DNC  and Electoral College to subvert voters' will.

  • Psst - the trying to have it both ways while insisting on moral superiority is a key contributing factor in the FUCK YOU, FUCK IT sentiment that Trump exploited.
  • Bleggalgaze: I consciously decided I wasn't going to bark a motherfucking Democrats reminder every day, not only here but in real life, but occasionally bleeding the barking here saves me grief in real life.
  • The Democrats do their job again
  • They love us when we're dead. On the popularity of dead anarchists v live anarchists.
  • The lies at the heart of our dying order: Lying is bad policy. It may get you what you want in the short run, even the medium run, but it destroys the very basis of your power and legitimacy.  That is what neoliberal politicians, journalists (yes, yes they are neoliberal) and experts have done to themselves and the order they supported. No one with sense trusts them: if you trust them, you have no sense, it is definitional. Neoliberalism is dying, and its defenders are discredited, and both things deserve to be the case. That does not mean its death-throes will be pleasant (they won’t be) or that what replaces it has to be better, just that it has run its course.
  • >> Deleted bleggalgaze <<
  • Why I'm leaving my job at the Illuminati and joining the Trump admin.
  • The Fissure King
  • This weekend's weather blows, there's no woods this weekend. So fuck that too.
  • New Yorker poems (some of them) 2016.


Austin Smith

It is easy to be decent to speechless things.
To hang houses for the purple martins
To nest in. To bed down the horses under
The great white wing of the year's first snow.
To ensure the dog and cat are comfortable.
To set out suet for the backyard birds.
To put the poorly-shot, wounded deer down.
To nurse its orphaned fawn until its spots
Are gone. To sweep the spider into the glass
And tap it out into the grass. To blow out
The candle and save the moth from flame.
To trap the black bear and set it free.
To throw the thrashing brook trout back.
How easy it is to be decent
To things that lack the capacity of speech,
To feed and shelter whatever will never
Beg us or thank us or make us ashamed.


  1. You speak for me and millions of others.

    Thank you, sir.

    Happy holidays?

    1. Thanks to you in Pottersville for the Kind words.

      At the very least, Happy Days-Off.

      Best to you and yours.

  2. I Ditto.

    A friend at work, Chuck, died two years ago; at the memorial service, Chuck's wife and I got into a long conversation wherein I learned that he had been a fairly close friend of Robert Anton Wilson's for a time in the mid-1960's; and that the original short film, "Bambi Versus Godzilla," was shown for the first time on the West Coast in their living room. You just never know.