Monday, January 30, 2017

It's Too Late to Be Too Late Again

Now's the time, after I do all the initial stations of my kneejerks to partisan stimuli, to develop (station) and promote (station) conspiracy theories. Also Stupidass Star Trek allusions (station) in service to those conspiracies.

What if Bannon

initiated the immigration clusterfuck to (a) feed Trumps' tribe (b) goad Liberal public reaction to (c) begin goading of Trump to call out National Guard (d) goad House/Senate Democrats onto record (e) goad House/Senate GOP to dead-to-me disloyalty (f) deflect attention from Bannon now running the military (g) 1. e4 DING! yes, all but the above (but especially f), and MORE! so many more stations downstream but no more blah blah blah today.


  1. But Meerer-hree... they're grups!

  2. B___, B___, on the ____. But don't say that out loud, 'cause it's Little Stevie Bannon's 'Murrika, and we're just allowed to live in it. For now.

    Scanning through blogs on the weekend, I found one thread in many of them. It was stated explicitly, or lurked as a backbeat: They can't do this. And I thought, Yes; yes, they can. This is what happens when the carefully fed pets of elites get out of containment (as they eventually would) and start breeding, right in front of our eyes.

    Not all Revolutions come from the Left. This is what, in America, hundreds of years of exploitation by race and class has wrought. This is sixty-plus years of globalism and thirty years of corrosive hate radio and wingnut fantasy, blossoming in the Murdoch empire. This is what the beginning of life under a Rightist regime looks like, feels like, sounds like, and no one should be surprised. Shocked, ashamed, enraged -- but not surprised.