Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dance with Me on the Ambulance Gurney

  • Neil Gorsuch? Aiiee!
  • Neil! The first name that's a direct order. Blessed be Serendipity.
  • Obama knew no one he nominated for Scalia's seat would get a hearing so had the opportunity to nominate a Democratic Neil to rally the base going into POTUS 16, and instead he nominated a can of tuna fish.
  • I still do not understand why every sentence The Hillarium put on the record didn't include these two words in this strict order: Supreme Court.
  • Kidding - Obama and Clinton didn't want a tipping point SCOTUS who would reliably please the Democratic base. Didn't want to even playing charades.
  • So, I cannot hyperventilate over Gorsuch. Who the fuck did you think ANY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT would pick? Reward the base with a tipping point Supreme Court nomination? 
  • Motherfucking Democrats.
  • The Left is a history of defeats.
  • Magic Documents Awesome Power, or Why Cops Protect Nazis, Beat Up Hippies.
  • I thought the little effort Obama put into Clinton's campaign weird.
  • The method of Bannon's madness. I said to a friend yesterday, you have to admire the execution of Trump/Bannon's plan, it's working. Dear people - this does not represent an endorsement of the plan. It makes me MORE frightened, the deliberate chaos. Jesus.
  • Bartleby the motherfuckers.
  • Eating the world.
  • How to love a weird and wonderful wilderness.
  • Station Manager Ken interview.