Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Hate Game

Someone tweeted about Bono being a dick and U2's shit politics, and I thought, Christ, I hate U2's music. I've always Sillyass Five Gamed what I love but never, it occurred to me, an opposite list of hate. My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Hate Game?
  1. The Motherfucking Doors 
  2. The Motherfucking Doors 
  3. The Motherfucking Doors 
  4. The Motherfucking Doors
  5. The Police? The Rolling Stones? U2? The Eagles? Alice Soundgarden in Chains? Motherfucking Nirvana? Oh, Clapton, Eric Motherfucking Clapton (I give you my car keys, I vomit on your shoes, you clean me first and dump me in bed, oh my darling you were wonderful tonight)?
Was fun distraction from seething over who/what I hate most any goddamn minute these motherfucking clustertrumping days until I thought, all this time, the decades I've lovingly played My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game I never thought to do a Music Hate Game until now.

Fuck me. Hate sucks. That's not fair: I suck at hate, hate makes me dumb but not mute. Be Kind, motherfuckers, and by motherfuckers I mean me.




  1. 1)how do you feel about procol harum? yesterday in music theory 1 the prof was talking about the harmonic function (that's the title of the textbook - "functional harmony") of various chords and what you do to them and what they do to you in the process of tweaking them - playing them on the piano as he discussed them - and i felt an urge to listen again to and explore more deeply the procol harum oeuvre

    2)and speaking of deeper exploration - a few days ago you were celebrating the biological poetry of a.r. ammons and i thought of nick lane, whose book i encountered at the public library - admittedly he does prose, not poetry - but perhaps of interest - there are also several lectures by him at youtube

    Title: Life ascending : the ten great inventions of evolution / Nick Lane.
    Author: Lane, Nick.
    ISBN: 9780393065961
    Personal Author: Lane, Nick.
    Edition: 1st American ed.
    Publication Information: New York : Norton, c2009.
    Physical Description: 344 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
    Abstract: Nick Lane expertly reconstructs the history of life by describing the ten greatest inventions of evolution (including DNA, photosynthesis, sex, and sight), based on their historical impact, role in organisms today, and relevance to current controversies.

    3)and speaking of the mf doors, maybe i've already mentioned here that i recently got a good listen to their song "maggie magill" when it was played on the pandora hendrix channel, and i really liked it - it's got a great beat - the words are nothing special

  2. Walked out this morning I don't believe what I saw
    A hundred billion albums washed up on the shore
    Seems I'm not alone in being alone
    A hundred billion castaways... oh, shit, it's the Doors!

  3. If I were so inclined, there are other pairs by the same two bands I could smush:

  4. Eric Clapton hate is some of the most satisfying hate I've experienced in this life.

    P.S. I love U2 despite Bono's shit politics. Does it exonerate me in any way if I mention that Boy is my favorite record of theirs? Does it help me if I admit that I see all of the things about them that should lead to hatred, but love them anyway? Or does that admission hurt me?

    1. Nah, you're good. We like what we like.

    2. I'm with you. I honestly don't believe in the "guilty pleasure." I made a 1982 mixtape the other night in honor of riding along with mom on her errands in her 1972 Pontiac Lemans listening to "'65 Love Affair" by Paul Davis and "Let It Whip" by Dazz Band.

      That playlist is smokin' hot.

  5. My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Hate Game

    1. The Eagles
    2. Eric Clapton
    3. Van Morrison
    4. Steve Miller Band
    5. Janis Joplin

    1. I thought about Steve Miller Band but I've always harbored a begrudging hope that it was an elaborate parody of shittiness and Miller never broke kayfabe. He took the money and run.

    2. About ten years ago in the summer, I took a roadtrip from Iowa to Colorado in a Geo Metro with a cassette player. I couldn't really use the cassette player because all my old tapes are at or past the breaking point, so it was 800 miles of radio, stopping only for gas and a piss.

      Around the cities near interstate 80, you could pick up a good station if you were lucky, but reception was poor in most cases, and you were quickly out of range. The stations with the strongest signals were the "Classic Rock" stations, the Pop Country stations, etc. I stuck with the classic rock stations, figuring it will at least keep me awake for the 12 hour drive. I Heard Steve Miller Band's The Joker about 8 times on the drive. As soon as I was out of range for one station, I'd hunt around and find the next classic rock station in the new range. It's like they're on a time delay, all playing the same playlist, and if you're driving west, you're synced to the time delay. The commercials are all the same, too, but I can usually tune those out in my head

      Eventually I hit the desolate eastern plains of Colorado, where there was nothing but static for a while. But then, there it came bleeding through the static, "I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker..." uggg...and then the commercials started, and while I usually tune them out in my head, after a while I noticed something was off. I was picking up "we have the best strains" and I was thinking, what they hell are they selling?, and so I started really listening. They were advertising weed on the radio, back when it was still just medicinal.

      If I never hear The Steve Miller Band's The Joker again, I can die a happy man.

  6. It's a trick question, peeps. Number 5 is that band with Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, and Robbie Krieger. I forget what it was called.

    Also: agree generally on Clapton, but it has to be noted that he was okay with George.