Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Like Salted Plums in a Jar

Me and Dr Z this past Sunday in the sign of the hole my brother (who is not Dr Z, and not even Mark) and I sponsor at Seneca Creek Disc Golf, my home course, my beloved course, still the best I've ever played.

333circle534343 / 334434444 / 344433344, though lots of pins are in A, so not as good as looks.

I carry a bag that carries nine discs, I carry only seven -
  • Beast for forehand drives.
  • Sidewinder for run-up backhand drives.
  • Leopard for standing or two-step backhand drives - I broke down, just bought two new in Champion plastic: my pink Leopard in Star plastic doesn't fly like the Champion plastic, plus one of the new ones is a gorgeous cranberry color. Flew better Sunday than pink Star ever did.
  • Roc for ups and every throw I don't throw it.
  • Wolf for very understable ups. I sometimes drive Wolf at Seneca on 4, 5, 13, and 14 if my mechanics are worse than normal, over-slicing myself in briars and trees, wasting a shot from motherfucking briars just to lay up in the fairway, take a five that way rather than a circle in the creek. It's still a fucking five, so fuck me. (The circle five above, Wolf - on a decent drive anyway, pin in C, hitting last tree, boink into creek on 4 (tree love gives and takes away).)
  • Aviar, Star plastic, pink, Missing Low Is Lame sticker on bottom. Superstitious loyalty if I abandon for Wedge I will always miss low. Sucks as an up, sucks forehand, me with an Aviar, but stable putts in not gale winds, twenty feet in, missing low is lame.
  • Wedge, newish, cross between Roc and Aero and Wolf, Star plastic.

The disc I threw well Sunday to the point of reckless epiphany and devotion, that Wedge. Forehand Wedge was throwing a baseball, backhand Wedge GLIDED, o my, it's love. This happens with all new discs (that I bought two years ago and found in my extra-bag in trunk, forgot I ever bought, test drive).

I cannot tolerate two discs the same color and similar profile in the bag. Both Wedge and Roc are  exact same blue, and though Roc's profile is slightly wider in the bag, Wedge's profile is close enough I needed check twice before I released disc. I THREW THE ROC ONCE THINKING IT WEDGE! I THREW THE WEDGE TWICE THINKING IT ROC! (Which is how I discovered my new true love - fine metaphors abound: my first thought is to prevent serendipitously finding another true love.)

Quick! to Marshall Street Disc Golf - I do recommend Marshall Street, they've a current inventory, I can pick weight and color from whatever they have in stock - why do you think I now own a gorgeous 168 gram cranberry Champion plastic Leopard? In stock NOW! is a 170 gram (the Wedge I fell in love with today is 170 gram) green and a 172 burnt orange, burnt freaking orange, I.... If that burnt orange was 170 grams I couldn't stop myself, but I've an exact red Roc to replace the blue and until the blue 170 gram Wedge fucks with me, I'm obliged to....

  • That was typed Sunday night, this bullet typed Monday morning - of course I just bought the burnt orange Wedge. Burnt orange! I'm going to anguish over two fucking grams, like I've the skills that two fucking grams make the difference between bird and par? Yes! then No! Fuck me! I've never had a burnt orange.
  • I'd been trying to remember name of above piece, remember name of composer, for months! Found it on this just now looking for something else, Blessed Serendipity, I got this post out of it. 
  • PLEASE! - send me bells. Please.
  • Earthgirl was painting nearby - ticks hatch in weeks, paint Seneca when she can.
  • Purple Loop? I'd forgot they are tagged with colors. I think 1-9, 10-18, 19-27.
  • I don't know what other loop colors are.
  • Dr Z and I finished, I texted Earthgirl, she wanted to finish something, I said sure, waiting for her I talked with JG, on of the two who built the course. He knew me, asked, you wanna join us, as in 5 x doubles, and I've not been so flattered in...
  • I will always hike with Earthgirl first, but why the fuck don't I disc more?
  • Be glad it's disc golf talk instead of pen and tablet talk.
  • Pen and tablet despair.
  • I have 268 days of paid leave in the bank.
  • 268 x 8 = 2,144 hours.
  • 27 at Seneca, figure 2.5 hours, to make it round enough.
  • Hilltop owes me 858 (rounding up, motherfuckers) paid rounds of disc at Seneca. 
  • Don't vouch for the math.
  • This will be one of the least read posts ever - no aargh - O! but there is! - no links.
  • This is one of my favorite posts ever. All favorite posts are read less.
  • I debate either Aviar or Wedge in bag as if I can't have both, because this is really what the fuck this is all about, and fine fuck metaphors me abounds.
  • Bells?


Jane Hirshfield

All the difficult hours and minutes
are like salted plums in a jar.
Wrinkled, turn steeply into themselves,
they mutter something the color of  sharkfins to the glass.
Just so, calamity turns toward calmness.
First the jar holds the umeboshi, then the rice does.


  1. speaking of the aaargh, which you don't today, i very much liked


    which is by jon schwarz

    on the basis of having read his blog postings, articles, and tweets over the years, i have concluded he is a very reasonable and humane person

    i could be wrong, but i'm not

    1. Jon's been linked here a lot over the years (and been Kind to this blog and me). I'm leery of Intercept since I'm leery of Omidyar so I don't link to it often, but if/when I do it's usually to Jon.