Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The First Thing I Did Against My Will Is See Light

Don't watch Spicer, watch Sessions. Watch how Gorsuch earns his Dime.

Mitch McConnell delivered SCOTUS, Trump delivered Sessions. Downhill to Assholedom from here.

Last time I will ask since the last time I asked until the next time I ask, rhetorically: Why wasn't control of the Justice Department and control of SCOTUS the PARAMOUNT ARGUMENT! of The Hillarium?

As for Spicer: there are no accidents, and he could be, probably is, the idiot he plays on TV, like every motherfucking one of them. Death to the Either/Or.

Yesterday Earthgirl cleaned the dead pine needles out of Napoleon's birdbath, he spent hours in it, happy.


Stanley Moss

The first thing I did against my will is see light.
Older, in my mother’s belly with a good mind,
I sometimes dreamed different kinds of darkness.
I kicked, had sweet dreams and nightmares
something like death, unborn happiness,
blind hallucinations, memories I can’t name
that still push me to act with unborn hands,
all before breathing.

What last thing will cross my mind
after last rights and wrongs?
They say the grand finale is like sleep,
I may feel love’s nuts and bolts unscrewing — 
it’s best to be held tight. A pillow does not kiss.
May I never waver in peaceful unmindfulness.
I’ve seen passionate suffocation,
I’ve felt exquisite pain. Far better doggerel:
“Nurse, nurse, I’m getting worse!”
Undone, I’d like my last thoughts to rhyme:
I did not lend