Saturday, May 20, 2017

All Their Kissy Little Knives



  • This is how small I am: after the post about Landru's phone call with a DC United ticket agent and the death of LOUD SIDE! I emailed United. I emailed United from a different email than they had on file, on purpose. I never revealed my name - if you want to know it's at the bottom of this shitty blog. I pretended interest in joining Screaming Eagles.
  • Landru, in comments, said that when he asked the ticket agent who had called where Supporters Clubs would go in the new stadium the ticket agent tried to sell the wonders of end-zone seating but would not definitively confirm the death of LOUD SIDE! 
  • Here's what the ticket agent emailed back: I wanted to follow up on the email you sent us regarding memberships with the Screaming Eagles. I'm happy to help you out in any way possible. To answer your question, our Suppoter Section will be located directly behind the net in Audi Field.
  • Audi bought naming and branding rights to new stadium.
  • Of course I forwarded the email to Landru and he can vouch I typed exactly what ticket agent typed me.
  • When new stadium ground was broke at Buzzard Point video was shot of Screaming Eagle leaders doing ritual spitting against Metros. 
  • For all I know most in the Supporters Clubs are realistic, pragmatic, fine and down with it. 
  • One thing great about long-timing in a section: every year is different same.
  • I never joined a Supporters Club - I don't join any clubs but our secret one here - I wanted interactive tribalism without tainting my independence by club dues and tailgating.
  • Why would you go to your club's game and not stand?
  • I bet there are some in Barra who were disgusted on Day One of United they weren't in an end-zone curve as all great Supporters Clubs are.
  • I'm glad DC United stays in DC for United fans' sake.
  • Landru has promised to consider an effort - hey, you too, SeatSix - to go to one more Saturday night game at RFK. I'm curious who's still there in 232, on up and down ramps between circles, in line for a pint.
  • United could not survive at RFK, may thrive in new stadium.
  • They play in a league with 73 teams, 59 get into the playoffs. 
  • There's quitting, quitting quitting, quitting quitting quitting infinity.
  • Not anger, at last. I was am and will be a fool.



Franz Wright

I can just hear them
on the telephone and keening
all their kissy little knives
or voraciously taking turns
nursing a lie
still in its early white whisperhood
and I could do something
bad back to them
someday, I guess—
but why
Exclusion doesn’t hurt
that much, in fact
I’ve visited the stars on foot
Come disdain of the dreamhand for grammar
and fame, this Boston’s
gothic chilly April
night (new leaves the color
of her eyes) beloved
booknight real
real world, oh
prasini arachnid
Light green eyes dusk distant
tolling now fading
to heartscar
which says
I was loved, always
And then they wounded me
so usefully—



  1. I'm not so big I'm claiming I don't approve of ritual spitting on Red Metros. As I've said, I no longer have an MLS club; but fuck your MLS club, unless it's DCU.

  2. 1)googling for a conjunction of james tate and knives, i found:

    James Tate
    The Wild Cheese

    A head of cheese raised by wolves
    or mushrooms
    recently rolled into
    the village, it
    could neither talk nor
    walk upright.

    Small snarling boys ran
    circles around it;
    and just as they began
    throwing stones, the Mayor
    appeared and dispersed them.

    He took the poor ignorant
    head of cheese home,
    and his wife scrubbed it
    all afternoon before
    cutting it with a knife
    and serving it after dinner.

    The guests were delighted
    and exclaimed far into the night,
    "That certainly was a wild cheese!"

    2)and also, a passage from a longer poem "How I Met Mary":

    I was getting
    close to Mary. I reached out my hand toward her. She found a steak
    knife on the floor and aimed it toward me. “Don’t come any closer
    or I’ll kill you, I swear it,” she said. “I wanted to help you,”
    I said. “You’re an animal, just like the rest of them,” she said.
    “No, I swear, I had no idea this was going to turn out like this.
    I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the issues,” I said.

    3)and from a footnote by robert faggen in "the notebooks of robert frost"

    Similar to "rock, paper, scissors," "stone, knife, handkerchief" is a Japanese game also known as janken.

    4)see also

  3. tate's "the wild cheese", supra, reminded me of the following passage from idries shah's "the dermis probe":

    In front of the pair several small boys were playing. They were throwing. from hand to hand, a squirrel which they had caught, and whose feet they had bound together. As they ran here and there, they roared with laughter, excitement and pleasure on every face.

    After a few moments an older youth, seeing what they were doing, ran up to them from the roadside. He took the animal and removed the cord from its paws, and let it go. The players of the squirrel-game were furiously angry now, and shouted all sorts of abuse at the older boy.

    [end of quote from idries shah]

    a group of small boys appears in both accounts; the title character is a wild cheese in one, a squirrel in the other; the mayor in the first account initially plays a role similar to that of the older boy in the story of the squirrel; the squirrel resumes an unfettered life, but the wild cheese meets a different fate