Sunday, May 14, 2017

If That's What You Wanna Do, or: Sixty-Five Today

The tradition Egoslavian David Byrne birthday post:

Was there ▲. I never listen to the Talking Heads any more because I can hear any song I want any time I want in my head, so much were they on my daily soundtrack for a decade. Only other band I saw more live was the Dead - and perhaps Elric can vouch the memory, there were always Talking Head shirts at Dead concerts, Grateful Dead shirts at Head concerts. And if I give no fuck for what Byrne is doing now, his birthday is still an Egoslavian Holy Day.


  1. And the girls say they're concerned that they are concerned with decisiveness.

  2. with respect to david byrne - when i was taking feldenkrais lessons i thought "making flippy floppy" was referring, in part, to the experience of taking feldenkrais lessons

    We lie on our backs
    feet in the air
    Rest and relaxation

    i still think so, but of course sometimes i'm wrong

    1. according to the alternative dance network of south florida:

      "Many Afro-Latin music forms propel and ignite the lower body, the hips, the butt, the pelvis, etc. by letting the downbeat float. By de-emphasizing the first beat of each measure, a rhythm becomes more sensual and ethereal; one floats outside of the time and space of earthly existence. Repetition creates a timeless, communal otherworld, a cycle that is both rooted in biological rhythms and in the beyond or the meta-biological.
      Any activation of the hips-sex-butt-pelvis relates to the source of all life, the womb. This kind of music is definitely a respectful prayer in honor of the sweet, the feminine, the great mother - the sensuous life-giving aspects of ourselves and our lives - and to the Earth, the mother of us all. To shake your rump is to be environmentally aware!" - David Byrne, Composer and lead singer of the group Talking Heads