Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Mind a Riffled Deck

  • Starship Olive, last night.
  • Obama made a $400K speech to the Monopoly-playing assholes he saved and my outrage disappointed me. Not yet half-assed, but certainly one-sixteenth-assed. Yay me.
  • I did The Crosses, mind - I particularly remember a This Motherfucker retweet of an early article on the news. The initial rage was borderline !wOOt! then yawned gone.
  • The Hillary Legacy War: it is 2088, the year my granddaughter is my age today, one of the two surviving parrots says Bernie would have one, the other Fucking Comey.
  • I swear, if I wasn't certain Bookkeeper is stupid I'd think she was gaslighting me.
  • So - Clusterfuck Outrage no longer serves as pleasure for it's own sake, it no longer serves as surrogate for what outrages me in real life I can't write about here.
  • The Washington Post floats Jon Tester as Democratic Party savior.
  • I've used up my free May articles reading about the Nats, I'm not paying for the above. 
  • Anywho,  > Deleted  >> Deleted Bleggalgaze <<Bleggalgaze < = a fatalism that scares me.


Tom Raworth

a line of faces borders the strangler’s work
heavy european women
mist blows over dusty tropical plants
lit from beneath the leaves by a spotlight
mist in my mind a riffled deck
of cards or eccentrics
was i
a waterton animal my head
is not my own
poetry is neither swan nor owl
but worker, miner
digging each generation deeper
through the shit of its eaters
to the root – then up to the giant tomato
someone else’s song is always behind us
as we wake from a dream trying to remember
step onto a thumbtack
two worlds – we write the skin
the surface tension that holds
what we write is ever the past
curtain pulled back
a portrait behind it
is a room suddenly lit
looking out through the eyes
at a t.v. programme
of a monk sealed into a coffin
we close their eyes and ours
and still here the tune
moves on


  1. 1)you write, in ref to washpost

    used up my free May articles reading about the Nats

    i don't go to washpost so often, but this technique works on nytimes, which also annoying limits free reading, and maybe it will work for washpost as well -

    on the "history" tab, i clear browsing history from the beginning of time

    the nytimes then gives me another ten articles - possibly this will work for washpost as well

    2) this is the last week of the music classes i am taking at m_________ c______ - recently, in a jocular mood, maestro s______ was saying how similar he and i are (although implying it had to do with personal affinities, rather than the obvious circumstance that we are more similar to each other than to anyone else in the classroom along easily observable demographic dimensions) - playing along, i pointed out how he is a latino with a gringa wife, whereas i am a gringo with a latina wife - he said "like inverted counterpoint!" - this amused several of us students who were leaving the just-concluded class or coming into the next class

    maestro s______ is a jokester who does not quite succeed in hiding his tortured soul from the perceptive eye - in fact, i suspect he is not really trying to - at least he can believe in the beauty of music

    may peace be with him, and with us all

  2. Ja! Mit Mehr Ja! for the message from Herr von Davidly, as his whiskey bar doesn't have comment on.