Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Debris Prised from Debris

  • Bernie Kopell ▲ , creator of Siegfried, my digital avatar forever and from Day One, born 85 years ago today. He was also Jerry on That Girl
  • Standard disclaimer: 1965, I'm six, TV toggled from B/W to color: the good created, the damage done.


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  1. 1)your dialog w/ your hillaryite colleague relates to the topic of the article you linked to - "dream hoarders", from the book of the same title - by the way, the author, richard reeves, is not the richard reeves i thought he was when i began reading (i thought it was the older american, but it is the younger brit/american) - but it's a pretty good article just the same, although i think it overstates the security of many in the "top 20%"

    2)this morning i had a fragment of a song in my head, and it took over half an hour before it finally organized itself to the point i could name it

    after listening to the song on youtube, i then read about the band in question in wikipedia, and learned more about the circumstances of the death of the first singer - i felt sad, as what i read reflected badly on the personal character of the band founder/guitarist

    then i thought - it is the music that has been a part of my life, so it makes most sense to focus on that, not the personal conflicts related to the band (of which i have never attended a live performance) - as the saying goes, always take hold of things by their smooth handle - i first encountered this in something by josh billings, but i see a longer version attributed to thomas jefferson, "Always take hold of things by the smooth handle grateful that they are not worse rather than the rough handle, bitter that they are not better."

    3)today i also came across the following ted talk transcription/link to video:

    Wherever attention goes the rest of the brain follows—in some sense, attention is your brain’s boss. But is it a good boss and can we train it? By Amishi Jha

    more by amisha jha can be found at

    i downloaded a copy of Investigating the Phenomenological Matrix of Mindfulness-Related Practices From a Neurocognitive Perspective

    5)i donated the last bag of cat litter we had on hand to the no-kill cat shelter in g'burg today - the act acknowledges that we will not have another feline companion in the foreseeable future, however long that is

    those who have missed my rap rhyme to the best cat ever can see it at