Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It's Your Favorite Foreign Movie

When Daryl Hall met Robert Fripp.
I don't hate Hall and Oates with the Steely Dan-level hate some do.
I don't hate Steely Dan with the Hall and Oates-level hate others do.
I own, if saving cassette tapes too brittle to play on machines that no longer exist, Steely Dan albums.
Dr Z - sorry for not discing, we've been hiking, getting fit for vacation, weekday soon - asks annually if I'd like to go to the yearly Steely Dan show at Jiffy Lube Pavilion in Gainesville Virginia fully aware I'll say fuck no.
I don't often hear a Hall and Oates song but most of the standards I don't mind when I do.
Overheard conversation in staff lounge yesterday morning: I was at the Hall and Oates concert last night  at Verizon Center, so I thought of when Daryl Hall met Robert Fripp.
Hall and Oates were good, but Tears for Fears was incredible.
I don't hate Tears for Fears with the Steely Dan/Hall and Oates-level hate some do.
Last evening 6/27/17 @ 7:08 PM EDT Brian Eno tweeted link to article on Fripp, which mentioned when Daryl Hall met Robert Fripp.
Serendipity. Blessed.
Fripp may or not have ever met Fagan, but no known recordings exist. Imagine Fripp's Peg guitar solo.
See post title.


  1. Guess I'll have to wait for Gavrilo Princip's birthday for his tribute.

  2. I repeat myself, I am sure, without acknowledging it, and then, when I try to preempt it by acknowledging it. Who knows if I said these two-tree tings or not... every time you mention anything remotely connected. It will come back to you: T-Lev's recollection of the Discipline band in bath includes a photo of future Fears up front:

    Some band called Guster did an Live from Daryl's House gig that featured Babs & Babs with a frippet in the middle. I loved it at the time simply because. It's not exactly sacre... ligious:

  3. Schauen Sie; macht das verdammte Auto zurück.
    (Look; just back up the damn car.)
    Franz Ferdinand's last words to his Chauffeur,
    Leopold Lojka, Sarajevo; June 28, 1914

    1. Perfect. See, I'm not asking too much here.

  4. my favorite foreign movie? monty python's the meaning of life, which i have analyzed anagogically at

    by the way, the link to fripp is via cleese/skynner/gurdjieff/bennett/fripp - not 6, but merely 5 degrees of separation

    1. the link i gave here is to the archdruid's reports comments, and no longer works, alas - instead, take a look at

      that was jon schwarz's blog - you could also look at his recent interview with chomsky

  5. a lot of those live at darryl's house shows are good

    1. Last comment to previous comment. To this one: Yes, they are... several of them. They even managed to do a great version with Smokey of his biggest hit just after his telling the tale about how sick he was of it.

  6. ian bogost

    "for most, life is now conducted by rectangle. It is technological populism."