Thursday, July 13, 2017

These Are the Words the Voice Was Repeating

This year's edition of the traditional post, odometer honest:

Fifty-seven today, this guy. When we met in 5th grade forty-eight years ago neither of us predicted the weirdest year of our lives would be 2017.

Always this: twenty-four years ago Landru was the first human not Earthgirl or me or a doctor/nurse to hold Planet.



And especially


  1. I've thought of this space recently (not *your* this space, but in general) and its nature as a hole, both insatiable and unfathomable. Your(s) here, however, is frequently spiced of humanism abiding, for which there is no cost, I do no' think. If not priceless, a view to its -ness, which I am grateful for and thank ye with abiding good wishes.