Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Born One Hundred Fifty-Five Years Ago Today




  1. at the cost of returning one's attention to the aaargh, i was impressed by and highly recommend
    lambert strether's essay


    and the applicability of the particulars of the civil war and civil rights struggles to our own situation in the 21st century - as is stated

    >>On the other hand, if such a strategy were to be implemented outside the Democrat Party (like the Civil Rights movement, and Act-Up, both successful), then there is no tactical manual, and one would have to be written. By whom? Sanders 2.0, presumably (though the only organization that I have seen with a manual is the Clintonite Indivisible, and most definitely not Our Revolution). IMNSHO, Sanders 2.0 needs to be a Grant, but whether Sanders 2.0 turns out to be a person, an institution, a candidate, or a support structure for properly-minded candidates has yet to be seen… <<

  2. I love Debussy, I was introduced to his music by one of my flute teachers. I was used to Bach, Telemann, Mozart and the like so Debussy was a whole different thing. Wonderful music.

    I hate windows 10, what a piece of dung. Typical Windows crap, they foist it on you before the program is finished and then screw you up with their stupid updates and they have to update it constantly because it's an unfinished piece of dung.