Friday, August 25, 2017

Fireless and Empty as Any Hat

So much I can't talk about, and especially. It's good, weird as shit but worked through. Of course I thought about me first, but that furnace is emberless. At least this furnace. I'm working on diminishing furnaces' influence. Yes, say furnace, get the Merwin poem below. Which reminds me: but for a few BOOM! poems I can't hear Merwin sing. I blame me. Two weeks ago someone smart put an ember in my furnace telling me to read Merwin again. I did. Still trying, not working. When hiking in Maine vacation we speculated on living in Maine, as in not just the August, September, October glory days but the November through July suck, frozen then muddy and buggy. We agreed we'll rent a test suck year before buying. Most everywhere sucks but peak Autumn. The point being: I never decided I would always live where I've always lived but I've never thought about living anywhere else. When I had to, really had to, for the first time, that furnace pilot-lit and whooshed but fuck that. We will probably live someplace other than where we've lived our whole lives. Learning to kayak, there aren't any mountains there. I'm told there are superior lakes.

W.S Merwin


  1. Thank you for Linky.

    1. County Mayo has a great history, being the birthplace of mayonnaise and all (Put down the rolled-up newspaper; juuuust kidding...). Tom always has such great paring of images and verse.

    2. Tried to be Certain many times, but I've always missed it 'by that much'. Mayonnaise is not yoghurt, however; I am certain about that.

    3. Pacific Coast Trail: This weekend, there will be alt-right in Kiddietown. Nazi Aufmarsch Verhindern ! Yoghurt afterwards, but not for Them. We will deny Them yoghurt. That will show them.

    4. No Parasan: What do people want -- anitfascism that stops fascism? Or an excuse for endless navel-gazing discussions about whose dialectical interpretation is correct in order to build a broader Socialist movement? Remember, please, how the Bolshiveks settled that argument, and how Stalin settled that argument.

    5. Cultural workers can respond to climate change by not starving, contracting (what used to be only) a tropical disease; getting drowned in a tidal surge, or dying of heatstroke. The climate shift is threatening to make humans obsolete. And, there will always be a 'culture' -- even if it's our grandchildren playing outside the Yurt with toys made from animal dung. And once, we reached for the stars!

    6. I'm sort of a Dirtbag Left kind of Dog. But, ever since The Surgery, I've had an intolerance for Wheat Gluten -- and so cannot be seduced by Doughnuts. Water is free and you can get it anywhere. For now.

    7. Bonzo Dog Band Bonzo Dog Band Bonzo Dog Band. Intro/Outro. Takes me back. Richard Nixon on Lawn Mower. Tammy Faye Bakker on Lead Pipe. Andy Warhol on the John Hammond Organ.

    8. I really think Cthulhu is coming.

  2. 1)i listened to "my egyptian grammar" and read about the fiery furnaces - may they be well, happy, and at peace

    2)after implementing my senior tuition waiver, my six-hour semester at the local county junior college costs 78% less (counting various fees which are NOT waived - textbooks are a separate expense also, of course)

    3) the parental units, who grew up in massachusetts and nova scotia, moved to new hampshire after retirement - a year later they moved to florida where they lived most of the rest of their lives - i don't expect to move to either new hampshire or florida, and while i am certain to remain in my current residence for the foreseeable future, i am certain i don't know how long that is (if the duration of the foreseeable future cannot be determined, to what extent and in what way is it foreseeable?)

    2a)a nearby retirement community has given me a couple of free lunches over the years, and perhaps my next residence is there

    2b)a fellow who lives a couple blocks from me is preparing to move there - his wife had told him "if you ever move there, it will be as a divorced or widowed person" - it is the latter - she was a decade younger than he, but stuff* happens

    *in this particular instance, lung adenocarcinoma

    2c)and speaking of the limits of knowledge, i am reminded of a verse from "the mad gardener's song" -

    He thought he saw an Argument
    That proved he was the Pope:
    He looked again, and found it was
    A Bar of Mottled Soap.
    “A fact so dread,” he faintly said,
    “Extinguishes all hope!”

    2c-i)and speaking of soap, and of lewis carroll - a suitable small gift for an alice enthusiast

    Alice’s Tiny Little Hand Soap that “grows smaller and smaller with repeated use, then shrinks away altogether.”

  3. So nice no nazis. Inztead, willl watch goddaughter being observed by talent scouts as she plays goalie for her HS team: Go Squids!