Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's Very Hard to Hunt from Indoors

Yesterday I heard this blog's Theme Song Number 8 used as bed for SubWay's commercial for a foot-long teriyaki-chicken sub.
The above is a great song, isn't Theme Song Number 8, but is me.

I don't know if any of Soft Boys get a nickel for song's usage, but I don't begrudge them the nickel (and he promise of future pennies) if they signed contract for nickels.
I never heard the song unless I played it for thirty-five years, it's completely possible it's bedded countless TV shows and commercials many times between 1980 and now. I bet it was, actually.

I don't begrudge any nickels Soft Boys earned if yes.

I wonder what percentage of people who heard the song in a shitty TV dramedy knew the band was Soft Boys.
This would explain how an ad executive in 2017 chose a Soft Boys song I never hear unless I play it.

I once suffered chronic this band was great until dopes loved them ism. If I knew in the 80s and 90s the song was used in countless shitty TV dramedies and commercials it would never be made this shitty blog's Theme Song Number 8.

To honor that kneejerkiness I won't post that Soft Boys song tonight while confirming it will remain this shitty blog's Theme Song Number 8.

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Eileen Myles

It’s very hard
to hunt
from indoors
I’ll say that for
you. And         
text is
at best
an attenuated
sound has
a range
of many desires
not just map.
I subscribe
to the grandpa
bunny bunny school
of theory
I mean genesis
to write
is a form
of accounting
& approximate
in the sunny
mouth of
time. A horny
bet. Or else
lolling around the fire
what did you
get. How can
we avoid it.
This “making
a speech.” Long limbed
& maybe
in July. Aren’t
we lucky to have
captured each
other in this
hideous neon light.


  1. Way back in the previous century when I was a music major at Cal State Los Angeles I had two part time jobs while I was attending school. One was a night job working as a janitor in Hollyweird, the other was working at a paint jobber (automotive paint). One day at the paint store a young black man came in looking for work. The owner interviewed him and had him fill out an job application. After the young black man left the owner came out and tore up the application and announced he'd never hire a black person. But not to worry, with Obama racism in America was erased.

    I think it's a mistake to read stuff only by people that you tend to agree with. I think it's good to read stuff by people you don't agree with to see what they have to say. This is why I force myself read various stuff over at the Unz Review where the main concerns seem to be how American males have become pussies and how IQ tests prove that non-whites are dumber than whites. And of course I was curious to see what was being said about Charlottesville. At first I thought nobody there was going say anything about it. But now I see there are two articles, one by Pat Buchanan, and one by Paul Craig Roberts.

    Both seem to dwell on how white males have become demonized and how Americans really aren't racists at heart and how white males are victims of discrimination. My own view on this is that it's obviously turning reality on its head. But I still think it's a good idea to read these. I think Buchanan is a bigot, and though Roberts gets some things right I think he's way off base on this one. Sure, maybe in some Universities some privileged white people are passed over in order to fill quotas but this is small potatoes when you consider history and the ongoing war against people of color now being led by the fat orange pig now residing in the Whitehouse. Go read them and see what you think though. Too often we fall in the habit of just reading what we already know we will agree with.

    1. i agree that, as heraclitus said, "lovers of wisdom must be inquirers into many things indeed" - including views expressed by those with whom we disagree - and i go to the unz review sometimes - so i went again today and read 3 things there - by pat buchanan, paul craig roberts, and linh dinh

      buchanan seemed to me mostly historical, pointing out that the founding fathers of our republic were genocidal slaveholders - true, of course

      i had a hard time following roberts - where is he being realistic, where is he paranoid? - he seemed to be partially off his hinges, from my own viewpoint

      but what really surprised me was what linh dinh said about the 9/11 attack, denying that hijacked planes hit buildings - "Simply because commercial planes cannot fly over 500 miles an hour at such a low altitude, around a thousand feet, then disappear completely into steel skyscrapers, so the acts for which al-Shibh and the other 19 Arabs are accused of simply didn’t happen. They did not cause any building to implode and pancake into its own footprint on 9/11, nor did any of them fly into the Pentagon."

      this goes beyond "it was preplanted explosives, not the planes, that brought wtc down", to "the planes didn't fly into the buildings" - as todd rundgren put it, "people will believe anything"


      as josh billings, among others, expressed it, often our difficulties in understanding the situation and acting effectively are due not so much from what we don't know, but from what we know that ain't so

      may the creative forces of the universe smile in our general direction

    2. Yes, I read what Linh Dinh said about 9/11. Conspiracies do happen of course but not everything bad that happens is a conspiracy. I agree that what he said was absurd regarding 9/11. But he says a lot of absurd things on other topics as well. I can't take him seriously. I thought Roberts was over the top in his reaction to Charlottesville. Calling the guy who murdered the woman a seemingly disturbed individual seemed to me to be a gross understatement. It was almost as if he was trying to excuse this guy who deliberately ran his car into those people. That bothered me quite a bit. His ranting about how white males are demonized is ridiculous in the extreme. His defense of Trump is just plain goofy. Yes, the press is biased against Trump but that doesn't make Trump the poor innocent victim that Roberts makes him out to be.

      Regarding Buchanan it's and old trick to mix lies in with truths in order to make the lies seem legitimate. He winds up his post with "where's the scientific proof that all men are created equal?" Nobody believes that everyone is equal, he knows that what was meant by being equal was being equal where the law is concerned. And of course the Founding Fathers never intended that the rabble should be equal with the rich landowners of that time. They were just pretty words that sounded good on the surface. I think it's pretty clear that Buchanan doesn't care much for diversity from what he's said in the past, and neither do several other writers there. Their usual ploy is to refer to a clashing of cultures to disguise the fact that they're really a bunch of racists. I think reading this kind of thing helps you hone your own analysis of current events. Like your Billings quote "what we know that ain't so."

      In the end if you think about it Buchanan didn't say much of anything in his post. It was pretty chicken-shit. And even though Roberts' rant is kooky at least he had the guts to say what he believed in a plain way. I didn't agree with it but you knew where he stood on the topic. It seems to me that what happened in Charlottesville is the inevitable outcome of our predatory capitalist society where it's necessary to dehumanize the people we destroy in wars of profit. That dehumanization is an example for people to follow on the domestic level. And that dehumanization of the other is inevitably entwined with racism.