Thursday, August 17, 2017

Unappeasably Inventive Flow of "Fuck Fuck Motherfuck" Ecstasy that Maybe He Imagines the Neighborhood Can't Hear? -

  • For your consideration: Boycott the ACLU. (and a follow-up of sorts)
  • I confess, I've always been a lazily self-examined First Amendment absolutist.
  • That I would let an asshole threaten me in ways an asshole would make illegal me to him was one moral flower stalk of my even more lazily self-examined years as a ticket-voting Democrat. 
  • May be keystone of my once rote adherence to the just less shitty theory for winning next season's Spigot Authority in a Failing Kleptocracy.
  • That and fealty to good manners and decorum as false markers of moral civility.
  • If the people people are doxxing were being doxxed by the people they are doxxing many of the people cheering the people who are doxxing would be apoplectic.
  • Just saying, when turnabout occurs, temper my apoplexy with some honest self-awareness.
  • On both-sides-do-it-ism. Not always, but sometimes.
  • Taney Chain. No, it doesn't rhyme. Marylanders know.


Tom Sleigh

Branching the way blind fingers splay across
The face they’re reading, trees trace the backyard
Ditch sop that their shadows drop off into
           an abyss where I hear a neighbor boy’s
Voice cursing an exhilarated, out of its mind,
          Unappeasably inventive flow of
“Fuck fuck motherfuck” ecstasy that maybe
He imagines the neighborhood can't hear?—
                                                               or is his tongue wired
To some source of inspired but as yet unknown
Intelligence that radiates from all of us and he
          Is its mouthpiece, speaking it to the trees
That screen him from me listening to his
Unrelenting arias, predestined like birdsong
Flowing unbidden, of four-letter almost
Erotic keening over something I know too,
          Everybody knows?—
                                       and even if all it is
Is the “fuck fuck motherfuck” ecstasy
Of April budding in his mouth and sending down
Roots to some anti-self that sprouts and shadows
Him as it croons and shouts the song of its difference—
          Even then, this Billy whom I don’t think twice about
When we meet in the alley and slap palms
Or I see him playing alone on the swings of big kids’ slide,
Even then is he the vessel
                                          of some signal that uses us,
Down in the abyss irradiating him so that just this instant
          Whatever that other uses him for he can’t resist:
His voice an instrument of blissed-out torment
Until that grip flings him loose—
Who knows which of us it chooses to penetrate
Next, making us suddenly sweat or shiver,
That influence bathing everything budding
                                                             in profane rays.


  1. robert wright

    he has quite recently published a book why buddhism is true

    has just started the mindful resistance project

    about which he has said

    "It started with two separate but related thoughts. One is that as a Trump opponent, I sometimes think that my fellow Trump opponents are reacting to Trump's almost daily outrages with a level of outrage that can be counterproductive.

    Relatedly, there's the concern that we really need to understand the forces that led to his rise. Things like globalization, immigration, technological change, political polarization driven by social media—-I think if we don't address the things that are empowering not just Trump but people like Trump in other countries, then long after he passes from the scene we will still have a serious problem on our hands. Although I want to emphasize that I do agree that vigilance is warranted, if we are too consumed by outrage, we will fail to attend to the challenge of understanding why he's here and making sure it doesn't happen again."

  2. No need to beat yourself up over the so-called freedom of speech issue. There's really no such thing as freedom of speech and there never has been. There will always be constraints on what you are allowed to say in public delineated by the state and whatever sick culture you live in. I think western culture (not just the USA but all western cultures) creates people that are all insane to various degrees. And I don't mean to single out western culture because other cultures do the same. The American Nazi movement is an extreme example of this insanity. The American government is another extreme example. Look at how they are endangering the entire world with thermonuclear destruction by pushing Russia and China into a corner. That's real insanity.

    The real issue here isn't about some fantastical supposed and alleged freedom of speech that doesn't exist. The real issue is why does our culture produce so much virulent violence at home and abroad. The issue is can this be changed and if so, how do you change it. The American Nazis are a small group of people compared to the general population yet the general population ignores the state violence that has resulted in the deaths of millions of people. This is real, freedom of speech isn't.