Friday, October 6, 2017

Air with a Tilt


  1. Googlegerät searching for the ur-video this .gif comes from yields many references to 'Salt 'n Pepa'. So:

    Q: Is it true that Ishiguro is responsible for Salt 'n Pepa? And, do Cheryl and Sandra, Spinderella and Latonya read his work?

    A: Yes, famed novelist Kauzo ("Wasabi") Ishiguro has been a siginificant influence on the Hip-Hop phenomenon known as 'Salt-n-Pepa'.

    Ishiguro's involvement with pop music can be traced back to 1972-73, when he was touring the United States, solo performing and sending demo tapes to record companies (Wikipedia). Choosing between a music or writing career was a tough call for young Kauzo, but the typewriter won out over do-wop backup vocalization and he began work on a Bachelors in Literature in the UK in 1974 (Wikipedia).

    The connections between S&P's albums and "Wasabi's" novels are amazingly clear to the discerning and sensitive reader.

    1. Dog, you're multi-lingual: the May speech piece is utterly more interesting and informative than what the Brit media has been serving up, regardless of perspective.

    2. Tausend Woof. Because of family connections, Politik where you are is something I follow pretty easily, but politics in the UK is an endless source of fascination. Warum, dunno.