Friday, November 24, 2017

Places That Are Gone

  • Well fuck, Rest in Peace, Tommy Keene.
  • A Mocomofo. Blondie knew him at Walter Johnson (he's a year older than me), I met him at parties she took me to, and later, when I'd see his band at PsycheDelly or 930 (the first and real 930) or other places that are gone, if he saw me he remembered me to say hi. This was thirty-five, forty years ago.
  • Had a couple of beers with him at Dietles about ten years ago, he got up from the bar and walked up and said hi when I walked in. A good guy.
  • Power Pop, motherfuckers.



  1. one of my grandfathers died peacefully in his sleep in his 80s - a consummation devoutly to be wished

    in one's 50s seems a bit young

  2. JAY-zuss. We be Old Fecks . . . . .

  3. speaking of power pop - i found this on a youtube list 'power popalooza' -

    Couldn't I Just Tell You (1972) by Todd Rundgren