Thursday, November 9, 2017

skillets, carvings

  • First day of season requiring an Earthgirl-Hat.
  • One of seven, no eight, advantages of baldness.
  • After Tuesday's election results we only think we've experienced Democratic re-litigating 2016.
  • Yesterday, lunch, Red Square Farmers Market:
  • Hillaryite Colleague: See, when motivated to vote Democrats win!
  • Me: So you're blaming Hillary for 2016.
  • Hillaryite Colleague: (chews Nutella crepe) A little.
  • Also too: you only think you've experienced white nationalist grievances.
  • Last night a digifriend I group-blogged with once upon made twoot re: resuscitate your blog.
  • I can't remember group-blog's name, 
  • I tweet Montag & Ghost & Bieling & Agnew and 
  • - Blessed Serendipity - 
  • motherfucking Spiro Agnew born 99 years ago today.
  • Goat reminded me, thanks! of blog's name!
  • Resuscitated blogs.
  • Anne Sexton was born 89 years ago today.


  1. speaking of people with greek surnames, like spiro agnew - i always assumed swimmer diana nyad had assumed her professional name because of its mythological significance

    actually, it was her stepfather's name, which became hers when he adopted her - the link to female water sprites is apparent coincidence

    i was reading about her this morning because it turns out that she too has a story of childhood sexual abuse by a person of power

    people mistreat other people quite a bit, apparently

    i knew that already, but sometimes one is vividly reminded

    mark twain: always do right - this will gratify some people, and astonish the rest

    may the creative forces of the universe have mercy on our souls, if any

  2. Why did Earthgirl make you a Cleveland Browns hat? I mean, I think the color scheme works pretty well for your complexion and all. But would you wear that in Republic?

    1. Hah, I actually picked the colors, I’m stupid for browns, not Browns.

      I’d be safe in Republic. I could outrun all the old fucks riding scooters while sucking on their respirators.

    2. I'd have to concede that point, yeah.