Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Moon Has No Air


  1. How to crush Trump?

    links to

    is this what you intended?

  2. "The gap between the very rich and everyone else has widened ... and advisers to the super-rich are warning them of a 'strike back' from the squeezed majority."

    The Plutocrats' expectations of revolt only validate beliefs they already have of being special, 'chosen'. They live in bubbles which are completely focused on them. From that perspective, it's almost impossible to perceive other human beings as like them, and to have empathetic connections to others whose lives their decisions affect. Ultimately, fear of violence from an underclass is just another example of Life in the bubble being all about them.

    And, in Murrika, they really have nothing to fear. Here, "striking back" means a Barista will serve Jeffy B his Super-extra-rich Double Cappucchino with a "frowny face" emoji in the foam layer on top. Poor Jeffy!