Sunday, February 25, 2018

All the World's a Birthday Cake, or: Born Seventy-Five Years Ago Today

High Egoslavian Holy Day. I always loved George most. People can vouch.

Lots more HERE.

All Things Must Pass is the 2nd most listened to album of my life.

Reminder: the only essential Traveling Wilbury's song is a George song:

  • The best Beatles song is George's All Too Much, which isn't on youtube because motherfuckers.
  • Here's the Grateful Dead covering All Too Much.
  • Here's The Flaming Lips covering All Too Much.
  • Here's The Church covering All Too Much.
  • Here's Chris Weisman and Greg Davis covering All Too Much.


  1. 1)i am surprised to see you assert that the original "all too much" is not on youtube -

    but i love the steve hillage version too - he also does a great 'hurdy gurdy man'

    2)'within you without you' is my favorite george song

    1. Thanks, but that's only a third of the song.

  2. Hillage's version remains one of the best covers of all time, full stop.