Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ten Times That If You Count the Dead

  • My recent fit of motherfuckeritus, my apologies.
  • Apostasies, no (though my loathing of my ex-teams yeasts, too much funly!).
  • Fuck me.
  • I am telling you three times: we are being reprogrammed: Not constant hornet?
  • Sea and Cake at Rock n Roll Hotel in May, who's not joining me?


Les Murray

One and one make two,
the literalist said.    
So far they've made five billion,
said the lateralist, or ten
times that, if you count the dead.



  1. Cats knock things over because Freedom. Think about it.

  2. 1)our friends at wikipedia tell us that les murray, born 1938, is regarded as "the leading Australian poet of his generation"

    2)i find a place where today's poem, 'the margin of difference', is attributed to his 'collected poems', copyright 2000

    3)its figure of 'five billion' for the world population suggests an earlier composition date: our friends at wikipedia say

    The Day of Five Billion, 11 July 1987, was designated by the United Nations Population Fund as the approximate day on which world population reached five billion.

    3a) according to the population reference bureau, at the midpoint of the twentieth century world population was about 2.5 billion people, and now it is 7.2 billion

    3b)in estimating how many people have ever lived, they assume "human" population - modern homo sapiens - began fifty thousand years ago, and postulate steady population growth since then - while acknowledging that this underestimates births and deaths - if at the dawn of the agricultural era, about 8,000 years ago, world population was about five million, then they estimate that 108 billion people had been born as of 2011