Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Driest Place in the Yard's Under the Faucet

  • The Facebook fake scandal has decimated this shitty blogs stats. I had no idea so many linked here via Facebook. It reminds me of the days after Google+ was murdered. 
  • My reaction to early death of one tablet is start a new tablet, but didn't, won't.
  • Didn't, won't not just because but definitely because rebranding, fuck me.
  • A reason exists every post here but two a year - one was yesterday - not tagged My Complicity.
  • I've no cure to stop a bleggalgaze any more than stop a sneeze.


A.R. Ammons

The driest place in the yard's
under the faucet:
where this is hose,
length will move
the source away
from its own critical drought:
hesitate and
undo: unscrew
and turn the undisciplined faucet
on: what more than the self
sometimes needs the self.


  1. 1.) Tried Facebuch years ago when it was new. Never bought into it; Being In Touch all the time took too much time. And as a cranky, know-nothing Old, I sensed something sinister in the technology.

    Now, Gesichtbuch is seen as Bad, a reprogramming machine, a profit vehicle for ZukCo. Who could have foreseen? And Markzuk is having a Personal, Scary Sad. It won't happen, but I wish to see him reduced to penury and spend his days scraping and caulking those big boats -- the ones rising on that Fabled Tide -- owned by Our Wealthy.

    2.) Linh Dinh tells it: The same elites who’ve weakened, if not destroyed, countries ... [have now] done so to the United States itself, and it has all been executed by design, for it’s easier to rule and rob prostrated and confused populations.

    Someone once said to me, "All the rich people in the world are people. They can't be so base that they abandon their humanity to have 'more'. It can't be that simple." But, what if it can?

    3.) Hello; my name is [redacted], and my husband touches his face 'a certain way', all the time. I'm concerned, and frightened, because often he seems confused, has difficulty focusing in the moment, repeats himself, and lashes out at people in displays of unpredictable anger. Let me show you a photo of him:

    4.) Terrible Beauty, everywhere we look, but Beauty still.

  2. i read linh dinh's piece, cited supra, and i noticed a couple of things

    the nationalist leaders quoted seemed pretty reasonable
    the piece was written two years ago

    at times i have given money to people who knocked at the door offering to do yard tasks - mow the lawn, shovel the snow [yesterday the snow was the relevant issue]- once this developed into a problematic series of interactions, and so i have stopped doing this - yesterday evening i turned away a young adult male of color, who exclaimed in a heartfelt way that he'd been going around for two hours with his snow shovel, and gotten nothing - he needed ten dollars for something to eat - after he left i felt guilty and wondered if i should have given him something - life is full of sorrows, and yet sometimes experienced as over too soon