Tuesday, April 3, 2018

There's a Signpost in Heaven, or: Sixty-Nine Today!

The traditional Egoslavian Holy Day birthday post!

My favorite Richard Thompson song ▲ My Richard Thompson stories (including Richard and Linda live and fighting at The Bayou) and boatload of songs - solo, Fairport Convention, w Linda, etc - HERE.


  1. Careful with your punctuation there, old boy. With the exclamation point after the colon, it reads more like an imperative. Not that that's a bad thing.

    My fave of course is '52 Vincent Black Lightning. Updated murder ballad par excellence.

    1. I love RT, seen him solo or w band more than anyone but The Dead (and it's close), I swear, I *never* want to hear 52 VBL *OR* "Beeswing* for the rest of eternity, Amen.

      He's either just been or is playing Birchmere solo, $80 a pop. To be honest, because in no small part of the sentiment expressed in first sentence, I'll only do RT Band these days. I don't begrudge him the money, but I don't want to spend it to hear solo "52VBL" and "Beeswing" for umpthmillionth time.

  2. 1) following youtube links i came to richard thompson playing tunes i knew - he's really good

    2)speaking of the jazz-folk group pentangle, how about the rare and valuable mammal that has a somewhat similar name, the pangolin?


    3)over at ian welsh's place the host and commenters are overcome with pessimism about the fate of civilization, our species, the entire biosphere - in response i quoted this parable/joke/teaching story allegedly from the sufi tradition [and notice what sort of things are said to amuse his majesty] - as chuck berry put it in a song, "it goes to show you never can tell"*

    Nasrudin was caught in the act and sentenced to die. Hauled up before the king, he was asked by the Royal Presence: “Is there any reason at all why I shouldn’t have your head off right now?” To which he replied: “Oh, King, live forever! Know that I, the mullah Nasrudin, am the greatest teacher in your kingdom, and it would surely be a waste to kill such a great teacher. So skilled am I that I could even teach your favorite horse to sing, given a year to work on it.” The king was amused, and said: “Very well then, you move into the stable immediately, and if the horse isn’t singing a year from now, we’ll think of something interesting to do with you.”

    As he was returning to his cell to pick up his spare rags, his cellmate remonstrated with him: “Now that was really stupid. You know you can’t teach that horse to sing, no matter how long you try.” Nasrudin’s response: “Not at all. I have a year now that I didn’t have before. And a lot of things can happen in a year. The king might die. The horse might die. I might die.

    “And, who knows? Maybe the horse will sing.”