Saturday, June 16, 2018

Doesn't Change My Ideas of the Buildings

  • I have Dr Sevrin ears.
  • Hillaryite Colleague insists the Democrats, Citizens United and consequences etc...... 
  • she reiterated, half-heartedly, to me again yesterday.
  • I saw, I said, a tweet from Chris Van Hollen (the junior Senator from my state, Maryland, a first-termer, was my Congressperson once) saying he and Jeff Merkley (the junior Senator from Oregon) are "headed to the border to focus on the inhumanity of separating kids from their moms and dads when families are legally seeking asylum and get a first-hand look at what is happening."
  • Sometime give or take an hour of the conversation Trump again tweeted out that he doesn't want to separate families but is forced to because of something Democrats.
  • I know, Hillaryite Colleague said, you gonna say Call me when Obama Clintons Biden throw shitfits...,
  • and while I wasn't going to say that just at that moment, Hillaryite Colleague's certainly in fair territory to expect me to say just that then, and who knows, I might have in the next minute if not detoured into not.
  • I was going to say (truly), I said, I followed Van Hollen's twitter for the weekend (because otherwise I'd forget), am curious the amount of noise he makes versus the amount of that noise is heard. I'm stupidly hoping he's not the tool Cardin and Hoyer are. 
  • (Hillaryite Colleague lives in MOCO - Cloverly - so she's knows who I reference).
  • Me too, Hillaryite colleague said despondently in (I interpreted) Hopelessness Stage 2.
  • (Cloverly is on a different continent in MOCO than Kensington, a different universe than Barnesville.)
  • (Bleggalgaze (and Gass' boxes)).
  • Motherfucking Democrats (in which there is silence about motherfucking Democratic silence, or....), Hillaryite Colleague said, god fuck us all.
  • Hillaryite Colleague got there by HC's own route. Wasn't me.

Joseph Ceravolo

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