Saturday, July 14, 2018

In Vulcan's Furnace Dipping My Burning Heart in Oil

  • A shadow on the other side of the glass.
  • Victimhood Culture.
  • Democrats and Russian conspiracies - I don't for a second think they are clueless, the motherfuckers.
  • Southern Maryland.
  • Western Maryland.
  • One Hillaryite Colleague argues the fucks in the two links above will eventually - soon! soon! - so embarrass upper-management white suburbanites the white suburbanites will reject the GOP out of moral repugnance, and no.
  • Me First! Me Always! constantly algorithmed exponentially across all platforms, ding.
  • I want to thank Nlancy Foreen and motherfucking MOCO Democrats for frosting the cake of my apostasies,
  • part of me wants the Motherfucking Corporate Carpetbagger to beat the Cranky Socialist in the recount so I can watch Nlancy Foreen drop out to complete the fucking circle.
  • All the girls think I'm a deer, I've got Doctor Sevrin ears. 
  • The distinction between contempt and loathing gapes wider daily.
  • Look at me, I'm finally enjoying The Clusterfuck, though ask me July 29th.


Joseph Ceravolo

Do you think
because you're out
and I'm reading my palms
like a gypsy,
that you have freedom?

Maybe you do.
And I'm the one in Vulcan's furnace
dipping my burning heart in oil

while one drop of desire
would save my life.
Now that the coast is clear
and the Holy Ghost
is in my nerves; I look for you

but you're not here.

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  1. I have not paid much attention to this Russian conspiracy thing because I can't take it seriously. You can't influence something that doesn't really exist, namely our rumored elections. Our alleged elections have been rigged since day one thanks to our stupid constitution (which should be burned and re-written) and the fucked-up fathers. Think electoral college or how the DNC rigged the election against Sanders, not that I liked Sanders. The hypocrisy is thicker than syrup as we overthrow elected governments around the world. All is stupid, that's my theory of everything.

    Here's something much more interesting and fun than politics: