Tuesday, July 17, 2018

So What If There Was an Attempt to Widen the Gap

  • I'd like think Corporate instructed Trump ignite biggest firestorm since last till next, stomp out that America populist lefty brush fire before it bursts, but no.
  • Centrist stompers, not to worry, motherfucking Democrats are on it, This. Is. Cash. Money.
  • I do think the dumbasses at Corporate genuinely understand the Camaro's brakes are shot (if not his breaks), if it doesn't BOOM then take the keys when it coasts to a stop.
  • Nah, I kid, I mean they will, eventually, when the rents run dry, but it's only Tuesday.
  • Psst. Already over, the fuss over latest episode of Today's AIEE! 
  • (except for professional Democrats, still giddy, thankful for Trump's gift to wield against leftists).
  • I've no doubt the dumbasses at Corporate don't fret sessions of King Pence, who will hailed as Heroic Reestablisher of Kayfabe once he's called from the bullpen.


  1. >> I can't wait for the Rule Of Mikey. He will be godly and good. Everything will take on an illusory simulacrum, a mock- crypto- quasi-approximation of a past which wasn't, ever. He will lead us all away from tempy and sluts, and deliver us to the nearest Megachurch, for his stiff suits and tight hair are the kinkdom and gory. A men, and not women, eh.

    >> The Endless Outrage: At the end of it, we shall be burned out and all be Changed, so that when That Thing That Will Happen happens = Meh. Not even Chomsky will care overly much. Our virtuous Wealthy will pay their private security in chicken nuggets. Oh, ayuh.

    >> Corporations are multinational, right? Nation-states are so 20th century. Who cares when a billionaire who acquired America sucks up to an Oligark who acquired Russia? We're still going to have to get up every day, work work work, and buy things made by subsidiaries of the ten Corporations left in the world, all of which are collectively owned by People You Will Never See, with Names We've Never Heard Of. Fer Sure.

    >> And in spite of All and Everything, there is The Dog. Or Cat. Amazing that no matter what the fuck happens, suddenly there's a Dog, looking up at you with that goofy smile, hey, yeah; time for a walk, right? Right? Or a Cat, simply lying there, reminding us that all we need to do is stop, and think, differently.

  2. Can't read your links to the Washington Post Hole, they want me to pay them a dollar. I refuse to pay a dollar for someone to tell me a pack of lies. I want to hug Fleabus, but you're over there and I'm over here.

    I'm sick of liberals and their bullshit hypocrisy. A close friend (a liberal) keeps bothering me with his liberal bullshit even though I told him how I felt about his views in as nice a way as I could. I'm about ready to tell him to fuck off. I don't want to do this to an old friend, any suggestions? Supposedly we become more patient as we age but for me that isn't true. If anything my tolerance for bullshit is reaching an all time low.

    Yes, I know that my fabulous fur ball, Teddy is going to die some day, he's a senior cat but for me that's not an issue. The issue is that I want to take care of him and make his life as good as possible and enjoy the time we spend together. I'm 66 so I'm not long for this world either. Just about everyone in my family is dead. I miss them, I also miss Bebe the Cat. According to science our whole solar system will die as well. I don't think I want to be there when that happens. I don't see any point in talking about this.

    As far as Cortez is concerned I don't think she's all that important. Probably the system will eat her alive. Anyone who believes the system will fix itself from within is delusional. What's that definition of insanity? Repeating the same action and expecting something different to happen because of that, or some such thing. I mean, how long has it been? And how many times? Cheeses fucking Christ almighty.

  3. nice cat photo

    things will be different when pence is king - who knows if it's good or bad

    comments from me may be somewhat scarcer in next few weeks (who knows if it's good or bad - ha!) as the general topic of buddha's five contemplations moves into the central sphere of practical action for self and spouse

    as i have put in this comment area, more than once:

    the nytimes has a news story that "groundhog day" is being made into a broadway musical - the comment i submitted to them about this -

    "Groundhog Day" is a powerful story of redemption through love, as the central character moves from self-concern, to despair and destruction, to a final realization of our purpose on earth - to be good to each other. I've seen the movie many times, including on tv - and I wonder if the stage show will include a plot element often omitted when broadcast - Phil's interaction with the elderly beggar. This adds an important aspect that balances the "immortality" and "boy gets girl" and comic elements that make the movie so appealing. The old man's fate reminds us of the background against which this dramedy is playing - that we are all subject to aging, illness, death, loss of those persons and things dear to us, and the inevitability of experiencing the good and evil consequences of our actions (Buddha's Five Contemplations).


    and also see


    may any who read these words be well, happy, and at peace

    1. i need wonder no more - re the specific question stated - our wikipedia friends describe the groundhog day musical, and assure me

      The next morning, Phil wakes on 2 February alone again and decides to engage with the townspeople and better himself by learning piano ("Philosopher"). Phil learns that Ned's wife has died and later that evening Phil finds a homeless man dead in the park, which he spends several days trying to prevent before accepting that some things are inevitable ("Night Will Come").