Thursday, October 18, 2018

Olney Is Half Hour From Olney

  • We dined Tuesday night with SeatSix, Oakton, talk turned to phones, cameras on phones - I like my iphone's camera enough mumble, even with battery pack back-up the phone holds a charge no more than a few hours of not using it. 
  • If you live near Gaithersburg, which is next to everything yet is 50 miles from anywhere in Moco (you get from Gaithersburg to Olney, train station to 97/108, five miles by crow, in half an hour), Thai House on Snouffer School, yo. 
  • Olney is half hour from Olney.
  • If I didn't use my iphone's camera the iphone's battery would last three times as long, the battery pack charger too, which still isn't long.
  • I have a colleague at work, a plus-advanced amateur photographer, she tells me her newest superduperest android, while not a hobbiest's camera, is effing excellent.
  • SeatSix concurred on android's camera's effing excellence while pointing out my bullshit opting out of google when it doesn't inconvenience me too much makes buying an android problematic.
  • I tweeted this sentence last night: They know in their toes but faith is desperate, placed here like I will reread this.
  • The best photos I took, and by best I mean in this sentence the best color saturated crispily pixelated sweet mysterious quality regardless the composition of photos by camera I've owned, was Maine two summers ago when I had the lowest end Nikon point-and-shoot. Look.
  • I am not buying another phone until this one dies. Revolution, fellow fucks.
  • Like all cameras I've owned I loaned last camera to someone who lives/lived in my house and I never see/saw it again, every few months I find an abandoned camera battery charger in a box or on a shelf.
  • Earthgirl and I fly to Michigan early Friday morning to visit Planet, I will not have a new camera with me, I am bringing my battery pack and my power bank, which saved me in New York City a month ago and will save me in New York City six weeks from now.
  • I did buy a new camera, a Canon PowerShot G7, I will be in Michigan so waiting for next week's delivery won't be so bad.
  • Bad news: more photos here, the other place especially.
  • Good news: less photos on twitter, the twenty-two in three minutes of a meadow in Virginia.
  • Bad news: we're hiking in Michigan this weekend, so probably both until the new camera arrives.
  • That I won't read the new camera's manual repeats one of my Stations of the Tablets.
  • The person who lives in my house who isn't me can use the new camera on hikes with me, and all I want to do is hike with her, but she can't take it painting by herself.
  • You have to take Snouffer School from Gaithersburg to Olney, but depending where you pick it up it might call itself Brink, Wightman, or Muncaster Mill.


    1. Bullshit.
      "Paradoxically, the Saudis proved equally indispensable in counterterrorism efforts after September 11, since it was on their soil that extremists like Osama bin Laden had germinated and the US needed Saudi cooperation to hunt them down. At the same time, the monarchy provided a formidable bulwark against Iran, as well as an almost bottomless market for the US defense industry. In return for all that, Washington was more than willing to look the other way when it came to human rights abuses and a political ice age inside the Kingdom." Hugh Eakin NYRB

    2. 1)thanks for the thai house recommendation - missus charley and i went there once with a couple of friends three or four years ago, i will keep it in mind for our next meal out (which doesn't happen that often) even though it will remind us of our friends, one of whom we haven't seen for a couple of years, and the other of whom is now a widow

      1a)from my house which is in an area next to gaithersburg it would take me 22 to 24 minutes to get to a restaurant near the center of olney - is there one you particularly recommend for persons who prefer plant-based dining?

      2)i see that your tweet they know in their toes but faith is desperate was in reply to 21st Century Poet: Once people understand voting is not going to save them it will be too late.

      2a)i wonder - save them from what?

      2b)in my opinion, whether voting will save them or not depends on what what is

      2c)some things are inevitable, some are probable, some are unlikely, some are impossible - as the lifelong (so far) maine resident told the tourist, you can't get there from here - you have to go someplace else first

      2d)and speaking of the unlikely, and of the chances of salvation through the electoral process, i read yesterday that jerry brown, he of the "governor moonbeam" sobriquet [30,800 google hits] is considering running for president again - for the fourth time - i would vote for him, i think (not just compared to the republican candidate in the general, but compared to likely primary opponents that immediately come to mind)

      2e)brown is 80 now, hillary! is 70, joe biden is 75, bernie sanders is 77, the prime minister of malaysia is 93

      2f)the process by which the head of state of malaysia is chosen is interesting - you could read about it at wikipedia