Tuesday, October 2, 2018

sorehead scratching on tombstone

  • Perjury, schmerjury.
  • I have two tickets for Guided by Voices at Black Cat on Friday October 19th, Earthgirl and I will be out of town - I booked the second before remembering the first but would choose the second anyway - so they're yours, you have to get yourself to and from the show.
  • New Other Place, tagging will continue for next until.
  • Nervous States: how feeling took over the world.
  • Is the fever breaking?
  • Bleggalgaze
  • Bleggalgaze: Life in the Duh-ocene doesn't require daily reiteration thought daily reiteration of Life in the Duh-ocene drives pings.
  • Bleggalgaze: see post title.
  • Decolonizing Poetic Form.
  • Fucked Up!
  • Tomorrow's a Holy Day.

[A poem of nothing let's go home]

Clark Coolidge

A poem of nothing let's go home
poem of the loss of things to some
hope you find the poem you are looking for
the poem that can only be lent
took a ride in a car and the poem?
all the things I could have shed and the poem?
a poem to bring when you need
the poem up your sleeve
the poem I could read you to stop you
poem the only thing that night
poem you're such a sight
poem on a tear sheet on a wheat stalk
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sorehead scratching on tombstone