Friday, November 23, 2018

Quasi-Canonically Bent w/Grunt Syllable

  • My Thanksgiving Day story: 
  • Poachers in the woods of Rock Creek Park in my neighborhood killed a big antlered deer known as Dopey to some and Milton to others, listserv be lit not only hating on poachers but by battle over dead deer's name
  • At a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's my aunt's bestfriend, a good guy, Beloveds know her, is further to the left than I thought her, I'm further to the left than she thought me
  • she evoked Clinton's name three hours after I read the story of the Clinton interview she went Jeff Sessions on Europe and immigrants (my aunt's bestfriend unaware of the just released interview)
  • Europe being proxy for you you self-righteous purist fool
  • My aunt's bestfriend had never heard the phrase will never fuck off to the sea re: the person who won't
  • I do not play enough Stereolab here it occurred to me when I woke up with this song in my head


                (this is the cow with the crumpled horn)



I once thought we were beautiful because we were beasts
I once found some pigs, so rumpy and pink!
Inconsequential! Sublimely compelled!
Dork pigs, quasi-canonically bent w/grunt syllable.


I once thought we were beautiful because we meant nothing


I once thought we were beautiful because we were slant
or standing on our heels, staring out windows,
thinking some thing or other about light.

Or thinking on "some" - were were hesitant, humming,
stretched out - preludic - then

        Return we to Don Juan. He begun/To hear new words, and to repeat them


I once thought we were beautiful because of "maraud" 
"naught" "fuck" "fire" "morning" "fake"
"dismember" "decalogue" "cow"
"Ars" "Stars" "Hound" "How"


I once thought we were beautiful because we couldn't make songs.
"Oh air, pride, plume, here - buckle!"


  1. 1)at thanksgiving i spoke with a high-level civil servant who told me that at the government department where she is in charge of the personnel budget none of the political appointees have spoken to her on any administrative issue - they don't know what the department does, or why, and they don't care - they see their job as to tear it down - neither of us have read michael lewis's book 'the fifth risk' but we've seen him on tv discussing it - you've linked to nyrb's review of it which goes into the details

    2)on another topic, the complexity of gender in this modern world, i was speaking with a white woman, early 60s, divorced with a college-age son, and the topic of bruce/caitlyn jenner came up - she said that one could argue that the olympic decathlon champion was the finest athlete in the world at the time, and jenner's example shows what a woman can do when trapped in a man's body

    3)i was reminded of a story i heard of a weasel winning a pet turtle race - 'he identifies as a tortoise' - that was on the npr show 'wait wait don't tell me'

    4)we agreed that the corrupt church of rome enables sexual abuse of children, and that the corrupt government of the u.s.a. enables mass murder in foreign countries - but that's just the way things are

    5)at the thanksgiving gathering i also heard this joke -

    A string walks into a bar with a few friends and orders a beer. The bartender says, "I'm sorry, but we don't serve strings here."

    The string goes back to his table. He ties himself in a loop and messes up the top of his hair. He walks back up to the bar and orders a beer.

    The bartender squints at him and says, "Hey, aren't you a string?"

    The string says, "Nope, I'm a frayed knot."

    6)yesterday morning the pianist at the mass i attended mentioned it was also st cecilia's feast day - she is the patron saint of music

    6a)i though of sending her a copy of james tate's 'it happens like this', which briefly mentions the saint, along with my analysis

    6b)but i didn't - nor do i repost it here - but you can see it at

  2. i clicked on your link to listen to 'wear your love like heaven' - then went on to this interview with donovan about teaching guitar techniques to john lennon, tm, etc - i enjoyed it