Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Jot It Down and I Stuck It In The Basement

  • Sometime yesterday afternoon this version of blog got its 1,500,000th pageview.
  • I don't know how my free blogging platform counts pageviews and what that number even represents, but none of the pageviews are mine
  • - my free blogging platform permits me block my views or I'd have passed this milepost years ago - 
  • so thank you very much.
  • Yes! I widened margins a bit, might but mightn't...
  • Theme Song: 


  1. Congratulations and Season's Best Wishes. I understand the Free Blogging Platform™ offers a complimentary Mug, TV Tray Placemat, or Indestructable Lobster Bib when you pass the 1.5M marker.

    If you haven't chosen your gift yet, I'd go with the Bib. How often do you get things that are indestructable? Given that they will exist forever, there is a pesky disposal issue. But, like so much else in our wacky world, that's a kick-the-can, down-the-road problem Our Kids will just have to deal with. They're smart. They'll figure it out. In the meantime -- clean shirtfronts! Yay!

  2. It consists primarily of Russian trolls trying to get you to think whatever it is you think and behave however it is you behave.

    1. Maybe, and certainly crawlbots which pad the number.