Sunday, December 16, 2018

Strike the Sane Unbenumbed Person Tongue-Tied

  • Had a date with Earthgirl past Friday night, dinner at a (very mediocre will never go back) new Thai restaurant* on Wisconsin in Bethesda, then a movie, in a theater, Bethesda Row, saw

  • My take away is to again wonder why I don't enjoy movies in a theater only slightly more then I don't enjoy watching movies at all.
  • The movie had a major role in my dreams Friday night, and I thought about it yesterday including typing this sentence.
  • One scene, van Gogh swaying with the reeds in the wind and the sun the thirty seconds in the movie he was happy, thirty seconds, broke my heart.
  • One: I know I'm devout and dumb for stations.
  • Two: the priest who ran the last asylum van Gogh stayed was bad guy in 2006's Bond Casino Royale reboot and (a) that was weird, the five seconds it took, and (b) the movie stations I have are very old and silly, (c) I'm a rebel, Dottie, a loner..
  • Three: I've never liked theaters and auditoriums and most venues much until the event starts, and I hurry to get out as soon as event over, people can vouch.
  • Four: my eyes are better re: glaucoma but worse re: reading stamina, that's, says eyedoc, nothing anyone or anything can do, watching images on screens eventually inevitable unless I want to stare at walls for entertainment.
  • Five: I don't like watching violence bordering on won't watch violence.
  • Five and a half: one Humane Society ad throws me down stairs for a week, I can't take more cats, fckm.
  • Six: I hate assigned seats almost nearly as much as I hate sitting still (unless I am reading).
  • Seven: At Eternity's Gate, the eternal genius requires madness debate, there will be a Franz Wright poem at the end of this post.
  • Eight: *The chipotle-azation of restaurants, order your carb, order your protein, be your own waiter, not only sucks for low-income workers needing a job but, certainly not uncoincidentally, sucks as food.
  • Nine: one preview was for a short-film festival of sorts, a bunch of award-winning short films in two or so hours, and I'll go if you go (and I promise not to discuss how it brings up my issues with short stories, which I tried and failed again to read this past month).
  • Ten: I've thought it strange since realizing at the age of four in back seat of parent's car driving back from Lizzie's to Helen's in a snowstorm how everyone's their own universe in cars on the same road. 
  • Eleven: To be clear, I am smart but not a genius, I go in and out of Dark but am not mad,
  • Eleven and a half: it's not an either/or a brilliant nut chooses between
  • Eleven and three-quarters: despite the depiction of brilliant nuts in novels and movies.
  • Twelve: Sunday morning, still thinking about the movie.
  • Thirteen: more to follow, or not.
  • Reminder: here's new beautiful Lampchop, I've watched it end to end countless times, I vouch.


Franz Wright

Is there a single thing in nature
that can approach in mystery
the absolute uniqueness of any human face, first, then   
its transformation from childhood to old age—
We are surrounded at every instant   
by sights that ought to strike the sane   
unbenumbed person tongue-tied, mute   
with gratitude and terror. However,
there may be three sane people on earth   
at any given time: and if
you got the chance to ask them how they do it,   
they would not understand.
I think they might just stare at you
with the embarrassment of pity. Maybe smile
the way you do when children suddenly reveal a secret   
preoccupation with their origins, careful not to cause them shame,
on the contrary, to evince the great congratulating pleasure   
one feels in the presence of a superior talent and intelligence;   
or simply as one smiles to greet a friend who’s waking up,
to prove no harm awaits him, you’ve dealt with and banished all harm.


  1. I remember films, and the going-to of them, from the time when TeeVee was still pretty much new for most of America. In our little town, even in the late 50's, people still put on 'better' (but not for-best) clothes to go to the Flicks. Going To The Movies was an all-evening commitment if there was an A and B film, or a blockbuster. Part of my considering film as an art form includes experiencing all the things I see as irksome and intrusive and slurvish about movie-going, and have to say to myself well there you have it man and watch on.

  2. 1)I'm a rebel, Dottie, a loner. reminds one of

    a)song title, get up kids

    b)dialog, pee wee herman film



    for me, b

    2)dottie in the pee wee herman film is portrayed by e.g. daily, whom missus charley and i saw on the nbc tv show 'the voice'

    wikipedia states: In fall 2013, Daily sang as a contestant on the fifth season of the NBC reality show The Voice. In the blind audition broadcast on September 24, 2013, she sang "Breathe" from Faith Hill. Two of the four judges on the show, Blake Shelton and CeeLo Green, turned around their chairs for her. She chose to be on Team Blake. Daily proceeded to win her battle in the show's Battle Rounds singing the song "Something to Talk About". She lost in the Knockout Rounds, with a performance of "I Can't Make You Love Me".

    2a)missus charley and i no longer watch 'the voice' - too much reality show talking, not enough singing

    3)the movie i saw the most times in a theatre was 'groundhog day' - 4 times [it was already in the second-run bargain admission theatres by the first time i saw it, so it was easy to go back]

    4)as chomsky said years ago, sanders is a new deal democrat - i worry that he is too old - over the weekend on tv i saw a poll that the three most popular potential candidates in iowa are the three b's - biden, bernie, beto

    5)'there is no political solution to our troubled evolution' - a line from a song sting wrote, 'spirits in the material world' - lama surya das told colbert on tv that he's met sting, and that 'he's a yogi' -

    5a)that last phrase reminds me of the story of two psychologists passing in the hallway at a university - one was a psychoanalyst, one a behaviorist - the behaviorist says 'good morning' and the psychoanalyst thinks, 'i wonder what they meant by that'

    6)and reflecting on our troubled evolution during this christmas season, i rejoice at the moments i feel general good will for humankind, and try to minimize the times i focus on how selfish and malicious and stupid people can be, and how much pain can be a part of life - as pioneering experimental psychophysiologist - and noted metaphysical philosopher - gustav fechner so wisely put it, the greatest miracle is that anything exists at all


    7)relevant to points 1, 5, 6 and the poem 'The Face' - this morning i was looking at a cartoon likeness of myself, drawn by artist paul palnik

    i commissioned this four square inches of art work when he was exhibiting at an annual meeting of the american psychological association close to thirty years ago

    this miniature portrait was inserted in a blank square he'd left in his poster 'Types' - to allow for customization

    the caption and dialog balloon were written by palnik after he and i had conversed on a couple of occasions

    the description is complimentary, as one might expect

    my signature statement, according to palnik, is "I gotta be me"

    i was looking at this because the 50th graduation anniversary of my college class is coming up and i am considering what, if anything, to send in for the book being compiled about all our lives

    8)while writing this comment i looked at the van gogh work with the same title as the movie you saw