Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Coughin' Smoke Whooping Hope

Beefheart - Don Van Vliet - born 78 years ago today. I like his music, people can vouch. More HERE.

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  1. Priority A: (via threadreaderapp.com/thread/1052363651288449024.html) "...I think it's important to share these photos of what happened when my friend Marvin called me & said: 'I'm getting married & we can only invite 100 people. You didn't make the cut. But you can come if you come as a drunk clown.' "

    Priority 2: Rather than the replica, may we please have an original, pre-Apocalyptic Trout Mask. The original comes prepackaged with complimentary Dust and Dough Balls.

    Priority 2.1: SENATOR: Mr. Barr, are you drunk?? And why are you appearing before us this morning dressed like something out of a circus? BARR: My friend Don said I could have the job if I showed up as a drunk clown. Can we move this along? I got a lunch date.