Thursday, January 3, 2019

I Did Think About Disappearing, Just Vanishing Altogether

New plans: Fuck 2019.

Another new >


  1. i was using websearch to find another example of the word 'truth' in a poem by james tate

    but i stopped when i came across the following web page


    which put tate's 'it happens like this' on a list of

    poems related to fables, fairy tales, folklore, legends, and myths [which] are appropriate for young people.

    not that i disagree - but see

    2)speaking of being kicked out the army, as tate's poem does, reminds me of the american ex-marine arrested - for spying, or as a hostage to be exchanged - in moscow recently - he received a bad conduct discharge

    and speaking of telling the truth - here's something a bit surprising i saw on tv last night

    3) a pbs tv show last night - 'fox tales' - showed a female fox in newfoundland eating a several-weeks old offspring of hers [pup? kit? cub?], stated to have died in a storm

    more surprising to me, it showed people in england feeding foxes in their back yards ['gardens'] - it was explained that rabies is not a problem there

    foxes and badgers are doing well in british suburban areas, it seems

  2. *Yawn* Oh, and a Happy New Year to you as well!! ;-)