Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Curtain Calls the Ovation

  • Richard Thompson is 70 today
  • Click here for my standard RT birthday blurb - and lots more songs - if you'd like
  • In 1996 at Lisner Auditorium, GWU, you? me? us? tour, this live



Ru Freeman

The heart, the surgeon says, does not reveal
the small rifts, the hairline cracks which

split the hairline cracks they conceal cops
and robbers in a stretch of skin flaunting

star-scars with show of blood bone
the ledges of what it holds tight in checkmate

moves: bend this and break
fight first and bleed to earn

needle     finger     wrap     caress     balm
the salvation of sight     Behold what beauty

lasts, what outlasts itself     The curtain
calls the ovation     Seize the beginning

that ends this way: off center stage above
fractured ribs the heart succumbs in silence

All is dark. Listen     a kommos sung solo
It is too late to repair anything

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