Friday, May 17, 2019

Expressions, Editorials, Expugnations, Exclamations, Enfadulations

  • Yesterday was Fripp's 73rd birthday didn't forget didn't didn't get a chance
  • I just tested red fountain pen's red ink and yellow fountain pen's cobalt in beige lighthouse
  • The traditional Egoslavian Fripp story: My Fripp story, posted every Fripp birthday, today being his 71st: Fripp had a touring workshop called Guitar Craft and a performing ensemble, The League of Crafty Guitarists. A bunch of us (Elric, you were there, yes?) got in Phavid Dillips lime-green VW van and drove to an old yellow mansion in West Virginia, not far, past Harpers Ferry, up near Shepardstown. Phavid, who we thought an excellent guitarist - or at least the best guitarist we smoked dope with regularly - had been invited to sit in a circle of other guitarists with Robert Fripp leading the workshop. Incredibly cool actually. Guests were invited to sit in the circle; guess who refused. Afterward, going out for a smoke, I ran into Fripp on a porch and apologized. He asked me why I didn't sit in the circle. I said I didn't want to. He said, then you've nothing to apologize for, and shook my hand.
  • neither bleed through beige lighthouse's paper like both bleed through red lighthouse's paper
  • thought Lighthouse Inc's invoices insist model numbers correspond
  • I know the live Crimson belew I always post, I love it, so fucking tight, hey, belewless, Crimson playing Warner in September, who doesn't want to join me?
  • Red lighthouse's binding than blue's doesn't st
  • retch far enough left, I can't find penstart, look, I rulered this cobalt
  • I'll post Adrienne Rich poems this weekend for her birthday yesterday
  • line (ifyouwanttoseeaskincomments) for left penstart fuck me I like
  • fuck me I need recalculate the rules of freedom again

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  1. the place where you had that conversation with fripp is still in business as a retreat center

    and still run by the claymont society for continuous education

    there's a wikipedia article about it too